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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

2013 Rawest of Raw

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

During 2013, I have enjoyed sharing mind snacks with you through the one media outlet that did not run from me — even attempted to have me write from federal lockdown but the warden was having none of that. Detroit Raw thanks the Michigan Citizen for serving as a vehicle to heighten the level of the debate in Detroit and throughout America. And for me it is great to be back on the streets of Detroit listening to you open your hearts to a prodigal son. Thank you.

When we look back on 2013, it is appropriate if I simply share what I view as the best of Detroit Raw as 2013 holds the door for 2014. Caution-mind snack: Do you know why the rear view mirror is in front of you? It’s so you don’t get messed up looking back. Stay focused on what is to come — aware of what is behind you. Yep.

Best of Raw-note: “Raw” now is not nearly as raw but these words were printed in The Michigan Citizen:

Feb. 28:  “”Detroit Raw” will be a collection of mind snacks written by an ex-con that once wallowed in the cesspool of Detroit corruption who refuses to sit down and be quiet because he believes that he can help make Detroit a better place. Subscribing to the Al Taubman principle of redemption, I shall offer whatever whenever (Al gives cash; I have no cash so I give advice and counsel — we both did time in the fed pen). If you don’t like what is inflicted, please throw away the paper, change channels or block. I’ll get over it.”

March 21: “Why are the Detroit City Council and Ex-Mayor Bing hanging around? It’s over. Leave this battle to the Detroit Freedom Fighters. All council and former Mayor Bing can do is get in the way and serve to legitimize the illegitimate Democracy Destroying moves of Mayor Snyder and Snyder’s Black proxy that snaps the whip. They ought to turn in their do-nothing badges and get the hell out of the Coleman A. Young building — right damn now.

Oops, I forgot. Mayor Snyder says he doesn’t mind if members of the politically limp … Detroit Council continue to collect their salaries for doing nothing. ‘Your money is on the dresser, … thanks for nothing.’ — nerdspeak, who knew?”

April 11: “Politicians, preachers, presidents, activists and other purveyors of word-banging love to speak of family values and helping American families. Yet, the plight of single moms is given a hopeless-like shrug and is rarely mentioned in the mega prayer missives fired by mega churches with very deep collection plates navigating the satellite and cable broadcasting realms.”

April 25: “What about this naïve, maybe stupid, new leader of the Michigan Dems?”

May 16:  “The not so ‘Great Gatsby’ film was a celebration of whiteness and class bias. Damn, ‘Gatsby’ reminded me of what is happening to the city of Detroit right now.”

June 5:  “A word of caution: This column is not politically correct and may use language offensive to some — so go away now and don’t bother me about it on the street. I warned you in my first Detroit Raw: I don’t give a damn about being politically correct. We have been marginalized to the point where it is pointless to engage such babble — get correct about freeing Detroit and yourself, then get with me.”

June 20: “Dear Martin Luther King III, We welcome you to a Detroit in 2013 that is quantifiably worse off than the Detroit that your father, Martin Luther King Jr., marched in some 50 years ago in 1963. It grieves me deeply to say that the clock of humanity and all that America could be has been turned back on its head in this 2013.”

July 18: “Murderous white vigilante justice was institutionalized by the Trayvon Martin jury verdict.”

Aug. 15 “Prisons don’t work. But incarceration of human expendables makes some ignorant azz white folk feel good, especially those making billions off the prison-industrial complex. KMA.”

Nov. 14: “We must not allow those who support ‘stand your ground’ to put Renisha McBride on trial.”

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for Michigan National Action Network. Follow him or Facebook at or Twitter at

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