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A historian’s statement on Kwame Kilpatrick’s conviction

By Paul Lee

While Detroit’s “white”-controlled news media is all but dancing in the streets over the conviction of former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, proclaiming that “justice has been served,” most “Black” Detroiters recognize this for what it is:

Part of a nationwide Justice Department campaign, which has continued under Republican and Democratic administrations, including President Barack Obama’s, to decapitater majority-African American cities of independent-minded elected officials while leaving in place bought-and-paid-for modern-day slaves, who owe their livelihoods to and faithfully serve “white” political and corporate interests.

Most “Black” Michiganders see Kilpatrick’s conviction — coming in the same week that Gov. Rick Snyder might appoint an emergency manager to rule over the state’s most important majority-African American city and exploit its rich resources for the benefit of “white” corporate interests — as a victory for white supremacy in its ongoing war against “Black” people, which began with the invasion of Africa five centuries ago.

Kilpatrick was never any more or less perfect than anyone else. However, he was also never the demon, or stereotypical field N—-r “buck,” which the “white”-dominated news media made him out to be in order to help justify and facilitate the “white” takeover of another majority-”Black” city.

It would be dangerous for any “Black” person not to realize that white supremacy’s war against him is, in fact, only part of its war against us.

Paul Lee is a Highland Park historian.

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