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A Walk through local fashion

Left to right: Crystal Bailey, daughter Bailee Franklin (center) and partner Daishawn Franklin.

By Puakea Olaisha Anderson
Special to the Michigan Citizen

This 20-something Black woman, Crystal Bailey, and her partner, DaiShawn Franklin, put on the biggest fashion show in the Midwest. Walk, in its fourth year, promotes local fashion talent and was held at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Dec. 8.

The Michigan Citizen recently sat down with Bailey to learn more about the fashion event and everything surrounding it.

Q. What made you start the show?

A. Well I used to be a model but I realized there was more money behind the scenes than actually on the runway, so I started to produce fashion shows for myself. Walk was born in 2009.

Q. Are you hosting the show?

A. No. I don’t host the show. Naima (Mora) is hosting the show. (Mora) won America’s Next Top Model. She is from Detroit.

Q. How many shows do you do a year?

A. Two. We do two a year and, this year, we are actually doing three because we did a show in Lansing.

Q. Do you plan to expand?

A. We do and the next stop will be the bigger cities in Michigan, but definitely we want to make it national.

Q. What is going on Saturday? Tell me about your day.

A. That is going to be a busy day. We have lots of media, lots of sponsorships, we have vendors and we have over 200 models. It’s a big production.

Q. What designers are coming?

A. We have over 20 designers in the second show and in the first show we have just 12. Chelle’s Closet, she is really good. All of them are really good.

Q. Do you have any local designers?

A. Yeah, majority of them are local, that is what we try to do. We try to get people we who are locally in the metro area and promote them, because a lot of them do not even have storefronts, so what we do is try to get hardcore designers and put them out there so that they are seen and be known there’s a lot of designers who are not even recognized, because they do not have a storefront. So what we do is try to promote them the best we can.

Q. After the show, can people buy the clothes? Where can they buy the clothes?

A. The retailers will be there with their business cards passing them out for people. We do have people who have storefronts, but the people that don’t they can get it directly from them.

Q. Are you from Detroit?

A. Yes. I am back and forth beween here and LA. Most of my family is in LA.

Q. Where is Detroit in the fashion world? What is our status?

A. I will say that we have come a long way. Me working in fashion and retail. I know that we have come a long way. Detroit (is) kinda known for being matchy, matchy and sticking to trends. I see us now kinda breaking out of that and I can’t compare to other countries, but we have come a long way.

Q. So what states aren’t matchy, matchy?

A. Well, you can go out West, but in New York they have their own style — they don’t too much follow trends. And then as far as LA, they really don’t dress up. Anywhere in LA they are in flip-flops or beach gear. New York, they are just unique.

Q. Do you plan to own your own boutique?

A. No

Q Where is your future in the modeling world?

A. I would like to take the production side of Walking and you know make it as big as it gets. We have a modeling agency and I named it after my daughter, Bailey Day. The agency is Bailey Day Models and I really want to get that off the ground. My company Iced Crystals started as a jewelry company I started before my daughter was born and when she was born I couldn’t be making jewelry, because it could have been dangerous. Jelly does all the marketing side and brings the crowds, but I handle everything else.

Some designers featured at Walk included: Eccentric Vintage, Chelle’s Closet, Tope’, AYV, PYT Pink, Dom Sutle, Siana Treece, The KDC Collection.


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