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All power to the people

By Charles Brown

There was a historically self-determining session of the Detroit City Council on Nov. 15. The Council voted down a contract that would have cut the Water and Sewerage Department workers by 80 percent, busted the union and further remove control of the City’s Water Department from the City Council. It voted down a contract with the conflicted law firm, which Gov. Rick Snyder and State Treasurer Andy Dillon were trying to extort the Council into approving by illegally withholding the city’s own bond proceeds. In other words, in doing so, the City Council stood up to the dictatorial threats of the state under the unconstitutional emergency manager laws that the people of Michigan and people of Detroit repealed in the Nov. 6 election.

The city further stood its ground against the usurping state powers’ so-called Milestone Agreement by resolving: “That the Detroit City Council opposes the current Milestone Agreement as an unlawful, undesirable and inappropriate exercise of state power over local home rule Charter governance, and a usurpation of the rights and interests of the city of Detroit and its residents in favor of the state of Michigan for which there is no valid legal authority, permitting the state’s overreaching in violation of local government powers and the interests of local residents; the Milestone Agreement should be regarded as a nullity.”

All power to the people! For the Detroit City Council verily represented the best interests and will of the majority of the people of Detroit in their actions described above. In the Nov. 6 election vote in Detroit, it is fair to say that the majority of voters rejected the Emergency Manager law and Consent Agreement or Financial Stability Agreement that the state had forced on Detroit through threat of imposing a financial manager/dictator.

The people rejected the state’s scheme to address Detroit’s fiscal problems by taking away their representative government. We might even say the people are wise enough to see that the state takeover scheme is not to provide more city services or help the city of Detroit or Detroiters in any way, but rather a plot to steal the city’s wages, benefits, pensions, revenue streams, assets, Belle Isle, property and any and all things of value for various interests in the private sector.

As we approach the Kwanzaa season, let us praise the City Council’s celebration of the principle of Kujichaculia, or self-determination, for Detroit.

The struggle continues; victory is certain.


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