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Arts strengthen the community

By Puakea Olaisha Anderson
Special to the Michigan Citizen

How important do you think the arts are in revitalizing the city of Detroit?

The things that we are known for in Detroit are cars and arts. The arts save lives. It keeps the kids focused on math and science so that they can focus on art. It is so much we can do with the art. It is very important to keep the arts; it’s hope.

— Joel Fluent

Tiffany Hubbard

Tiffany Hubbard

I think the arts are very important. The arts is something that everyone loves in Detroit. It can change your mood. If we can come back together with the arts it would be powerful. It strengthens our bond in the community and people understand.

— Tiffany Hubbard

There are not a lot of arts in Detroit and that makes artists leave. It would be so positive to continue the arts here. Being a singer, I have to get out of the city to be successful and that’s sad. The arts would build the city back up to a positive place. We don’t have anything building us up.

— Bryant Woodson


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