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Thanksgiving Day prayer to end poverty in our rich land

In this Thanksgiving week of 2014, when more than 16 million children — 22 percent — are living in poverty, many are hungry and homeless; when the gap between rich and poor is the highest ever; when the very richest Americans have reaped a huge tax windfall from the Bush tax cuts and some political leaders want to give them more; and when, incredibly, some political leaders are playing politics with the ver ...

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Ebola numbers spike

Late last week, WHO adjusted the figures to reflect current number, saying that of 13,567 reported cases, 4,951 people had died from Ebola. Officials also noted some cases were not Ebola. At the same time, according to published reports, WHO Assistant Director-General Dr. Bruce Aylward told the media in Geneva the rate of new Ebola infections seems to be pointing down in Liberia, but cautioned Ebola isn’t c ...

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