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Welcome to the Boggs School

Stepping in, larger-than-life portraits of young faces greet me — red, orange, blue, green — smiling as if they have a secret that they are ready to share. Looking up, I see whimsical cloud kites adorning the ceiling. Welcome to the James and Grace Lee Boggs School! My first impression as a prospective parent was that this school is pretty cool. I had no idea the amount of awesomeness in store for our famil ...

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Fencing club challenges Detroit youth to a duel!

Fencing began in Medieval Spain when men would settle their grievances one-on-one in a bloody sword-fight to the death. In the mid-18th century, long after dueling had been banned by the Catholic Church and made illegal by most European nations, the techniques of fencing shifted from battle to sport. Fencing is one of only five activities that has been featured in every modern Olympic Games. This summer Det ...

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Terrorism in Africa won’t be defeated by failed Iraq war strategies

As conditions in Iraq deteriorate, a war-weary American public watches nervously as policy-makers debate prospects for renewed military intervention in that country. Heavy U.S. casualties that were the product of a seemingly pointless, endless conflict left many with no appetite for further military engagement in Iraq — or for that matter in any country. Nevertheless, while all eyes are on Iraq, the Pentago ...

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WATCH: Warren Evans says why he’s running for Wayne County Executive

A transparent administration is what voters can expect from an Evans administration, says the political veteran and former city and county top cop, who came under fire in 2010 when a 7-year-old was fatally shot during a raid by Detroit police officers under Evans’ leadership “What transparency means to me is if I’m going to publish a number that we’re dealing with then that number’s got to be the number,” s ...

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The face of economic recovery

From its June 18-19 meeting, the Federal Reserve is hedging its bets. It says the U.S. economy is on the mend, but more slowly than expected. They’ve reduced their estimate for economic growth, and say it will take a year or more to get to where we were six years ago. The International Monetary Fund has offered a starker forecast. Expected growth for the United States is about three percent, a level conside ...

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As John Covington goes, so should the EAA

With the recent resignation of EAA Chancellor John Covington and the failure of the EAA to raise the educational level of Detroit students, I call for Gov. Rick Snyder to dismantle the Educational Achievement Authority. It’s hard for anyone to ignore the facts that have come from this educational experimentation. Looking objectively at these facts we are forced to conclude the EAA has not been beneficial fo ...

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How did you get that name?

Deciding which ancestral line you want to research can be difficult. One of the greatest challenges my genealogy students at Wayne County Community College District have in researching their ancestors is finding them using a surname (last name). Researching the spelling of surnames in how they sound, as opposed to how we spell them today, can be a painstaking challenge like trying to find a needle in a hays ...

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‘You can’t download freedom’

Rapidly-expanding technology, social media and new smart phone apps are no substitute for the hard work needed to fight persistent racism in the United States, says Thomas N. Todd, a longtime Chicago activist and civil rights lawyer. Speaking at the annual convention of 100 Black Men in Florida last week, Todd proudly acknowledged he doesn’t use email, does not own a computer and doesn’t have a Facebook or ...

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Stallworth, Hobbs pressure senator to move security guard legislation

Reps. Thomas Stallworth III, D-Detroit, and Rudy Hobbs, D-Southfield, are continuing their push to implement new training requirements for security guards. According to Stallworth, Senator Darwin Booher, R-Evart, is sitting on new drafts of the legislation. The lawmakers are urging Booher to quickly introduce and work on passing a package of bills they have been working on together for months, but are now e ...

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Skinnin’ and grinnin’ for thirsty folk

In the photo at left, Detroit City Councilpersons Andre Spivey and Mary Sheffield appear happy to be celebrating with Gov. Rick Snyder. The specific piece of legislation that has Snyder so gleeful is what he and his emergency manager Kevyn Orr call the Grand Bargain. It’s what retirees call the Grand Theft. Under the Grand Theft deal, which passed with supporting amendments offered by Detroit Reps. Thomas S ...

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