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New York’s ‘Stop-and-frisk’ policy declared unconstitutional

The stop-and-frisk policy practiced by the New York City police department was little more than “indirect racial profiling,” according to a federal judge who ruled that police routinely violated the Fourth and 14th Amendment rights of Blacks and Latinos. Mayor Michael Bloomberg scoffed at the ruling, saying, “This is a very dangerous decision made by a judge who I think does not understand how policing work ...

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Arizona, Kansas sue US government for Voter ID laws

Arizona and Kansas are suing the U.S. federal government for approval of election laws that would require individuals to prove their citizenship when registering to vote, officials said. In the lawsuit, filed Aug. 21, Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne and Secretary of State Ken Bennett joined the state of Kansas in suing the Elections Assistance Commission, after the agency rejected an Arizona law, Propo ...

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DPD Chief vows to crack down on carjacking

On Aug. 26, the Detroit Police Department (DPD) in collaboration with HEAT (Help Eliminate Auto Theft) unveiled the “Heatwave Initiative” to residents, community leaders and business owners. Gathered at Chosen Generation Community Center, on the city’s east side, Detroit’s new Police Chief James Craig announced that DPD and HEAT are working together to prevent the violent crimes of carjacking and provide sa ...

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Detroit academy to launch new classroom initiative

Textbooks will soon become a thing of the past in classrooms at a community charter school. Michigan Technical Academy (MTA) has announced that about 1,100 of its kindergarten through eighth grade students at Detroit and Redford campuses will receive iPad electronic tablets for use in all their academic courses, beginning in the fall 2013 semester. As part of MTA’s One-to-One iPad program, administrators in ...

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Romanian snaps up deals for West African resources

Flying just under the radar, a Romanian national has been signing lucrative deals for manganese, oil, gas and other high value minerals, leading flattering news reports to dub him “the Emperor of West Africa.” Frank Timis, CEO of Pan African Minerals, was treated like royalty this month by country leaders after buying up the rights to mine precious manganese from Burkina Faso. In exchange, Timis promised to ...

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Thousands attend one year anniversary of Marikana strikers deaths

At the commemoration of the first anniversary of the Marikana Massacre, named for the platinum mine where police shot and killed 34 striking workers, government officials were conspicuously absent from the event which drew thousands of unionized mine workers. At the memorial, organized by church leaders and labor officials, 20 reserved seats stood empty, representing the rejection by the African National Co ...

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911: DPD Chief takes control

Have we reduced fear in the community? Detroit Police Chief James Craig poses this question to citizens as a measure of his success in Detroit. In an interview with the Michigan Citizen, Chief Craig acknowledged the serious challenges facing local law enforcement but expressed optimism about his ability to turn around a police department mired in inefficiency and low morale. ...

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State board of canvassers to recount certain votes

The results of Detroit’s Aug. 6 mayoral primary remain uncertain. The Michigan State Board of Canvassers met in Detroit, Aug. 27 to discuss the canvass for which they became responsible when the Wayne County Board of Canvassers voted not to certify the primary results on Aug. 20. Their decision was based on the massive discrepancy between unofficial results posted by the City Clerk and the findings of the W ...

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After the March on Washington: ‘Going back home to agitate’

More than 100,000 people who convened on the Washington Mall Aug. 24, rallied, marched and heard dozens of speakers in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. But the clearest message they heard was to unify, go back and fight. “We’ve come to Washington to commemorate! We’re going back home to agitate! We’ve come to Washington to commemorate! We’re going back home to agitate!” ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

National Action Network stalwart “Blue”, who took a lot of punches in the ring as a boxer, and Ihekerma Goree, my Facebook friend and NAN loyalist, were among 40 survivors of a horrific bus fire on the Ohio Turnpike that destroyed the bus on which they were riding back to Detroit, after participating in the 50th Anniversary March on Washington. In a Facebook post, Goree said, “I’m glad God gave us a chance ...

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