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US troops boost forces in Nigeria, Somalia

U.S. forces, winding down in Afghanistan, are finding new battle fronts in Africa. According to published reports, a small team of U.S. advisors was sent “secretly” to Somalia to assist with operations against militants. Somalia has been at war with religious fundamentalists, called al-Shabab, but has made little headway against the group which still controls a large swath of the country. ...

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New cardinals from Africa and Haiti help Pope serve the poor

In a further step away from old traditions at the Vatican, Pope Francis named his first batch of cardinals, choosing 19 men from Asia, Africa, the Philippines and Latin America including the developing nations of Haiti and Burkina Faso. The selection affirms his belief the church must pay more attention to the poor. His predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, had chosen cardinals mostly from Western countries. ...

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Battle for the bodies

The low-performing, state-created Education Achievement Authority and Detroit Public Schools are competing for Detroit’s children. Each district’s need for enrollment surfaced in a recent exchange of letters and automated calls to parents. It’s a “battle for the bodies,” says Tom Pedroni, assistant professor of curriculum studies at Wayne State University. Each district’s funding is dependent on enrollment ...

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‘DDOT in crisis’

New Detroit Department of Transportation manager Dan Dirks says DDOT is in a state of emergency. “We have a crisis here at DDOT and that is to get the proper number of buses out on the street and for us to meet the schedule we are supposed to,” says the former SMART general manager. “We need to assist our operators and give them everything they need to operate that bus as efficiently as possible.” ...

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