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Solutions, not excuses needed to rectify failed Wayne County Jail project

Let’s take review the history of the Wayne County Jail. In 2005, the Wayne County executive created the Wayne County Regional Justice Complex Commission to study the feasibility of consolidating all local law enforcement and court activities into a single criminal justice campus. In October of 2005, the Commission on the Wayne County Regional Justice Complex issued its final report which identified signific ...

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Prepare for the Season with a Flu Shot

Sniffling, sneezing, sore throats — yes, cooler temperatures surely mean cold season is upon us. But is the common cold all we have to worry about? Fall is also the onset of flu season. In Michigan last year, the incidence of flu illness started much earlier than in previous years and with a greater impact. Unlike the cold, the flu comes suddenly and can lead to severe illness or death. Thankfully, unlike t ...

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