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Major political test for Trinidad government

On Aug. 5, electors in a key governing party stronghold in central Trinidad will vote to fill a parliamentary seat left vacant by the resignation of former National Security Minister Austin Jack Warner. While this is no general election, critics say the poll serves as a key litmus test on the performance of the corruption-tainted governing People’s Partnership (PP) coalition midway into its five-year term. ...

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Durban Film Festival opens to fanfare — but where’s the film?

South Africa’s world-class film festival in the city of Durban had an opening film and a closing film. But somehow, along the way, the opening night film was pulled from the program. Censors, to the dismay of many, had found it pornographic. According to the festival program, the film tells the somber tale of a small-town high school teacher with a penchant for young girls. “The director’s third feature is ...

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Nov. 2009 - After months of corporate media endorsing Franklin resident Dave Bing for mayor, he wins. Tom Barrow challenges the outcome, but 59,135 ballots cannot be recounted. Bing seated. In his term, he privatizes Workforce Development and Health Department, fails an effort to take over the schools and implements Detroit Works Project (now Detroit Future City) to downsize the city. ...

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Let’s get one thing straight, the city of Detroit has not filed for municipal bankruptcy. The emergency manager (EM) filed the bankruptcy petition, and he is an appointee of the governor of the state of Michigan based on Act 436 — a law formerly known as PA 4 —which was repealed by 2.3 million Michigan citizens statewide on Nov. 6, 2012. The EM is only accountable to the governor, the EM only answers to the ...

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EAA retaliates against Brooke Harris, ACLU charges

Criticizing the Educational Achievement Authority has been costly for Brooke Harris, an English teacher at Mumford High School, who is waiting to hear whether she has a job or not. Mumford is one of the Detroit schools taken by Gov. Rick Snyder to create the EAA — the state run district for “failing” schools. The EAA is charging Harris for “directly encouraging” a student walkout at Mumford on June 13. Harr ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

What if we had to write-in the name of the person that we want to be the next mayor of Detroit? In this age of instant gratification — pleeez don’t make me think, click of a button and I’m there — to actually write anything is a daunting task and you want me to pencil fill in that little circle ... We don’t even write love letters.We Instagram, we e-mail, we tweet, we Facebook and we text endlessly but to p ...

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The politics of participation: Who gets the upper hand?

The electoral dynamics and demographics of Detroit are changing. “I can tell you, as a rough estimate, there are 8,300 college educated people (living in Detroit) under the age of 35 who are not registered to vote (in Detroit). I got that from a third party media marketing company. I can’t tell you who that is, but I trust it,” says Allison Kriger, co-founder of Vote Detroit. ...

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Emerging future

Now that the emergency manager has filed for bankruptcy, the national media has become fascinated with Detroit. The city corporate media describes has little to do with the one most of us know and love. The New York Times portrays us as crime-ridden, corrupt, unable to provide basic services and on the brink of selling the family jewels to pay the bills. ...

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PSL director confident about baseball and softball

Alvin Ward Sr., executive director of Athletics of the Detroit Public School League, has noticed the steady decline of both baseball and softball in the league over the last 20 years and says he is very happy that the sports are now making a slow, but steady comeback. According to Ward, as far back as 1977, there were a lot of youth playing baseball and softball. There were even Major League Baseball and co ...

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Baseball club grows despite baseball decline in cities

Many news reports point out that the interest in baseball is on the decline. However, that’s not the case for the Detroit Braves Youth Baseball Club. Started in 2005, the baseball club has grown to 225 players in four divisions: 14 and under, 13 and under, 12 and under, and 10 and under. “A lot of our kids are straight baseball players,” said Garrett Street, executive director of Detroit Braves. He adds tha ...

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