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Fact, fiction and the assault on democracy

The majority of Detroiters are outraged over Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s latest utterance. By now, most of the city knows that in a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Detroit Emergency Manger (DEM) Orr claimed much of “Detroit's dysfunction” is “due to simple complacency. For a long time, the city was dumb, lazy, happy and rich.” This statement has justly sparked protests and demands for an apology. ...

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City lawyer says EM in office illegally

City attorney Krystal Crittendon, who was a mayoral candidate in the recent primary election, called Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s comments that Detroiters are “dumb, lazy, happy and rich,” published last week in the Wall Street Journal, a blessing in disguise. “For Orr to go as far as he did to show this level of disrespect for Detroiters is a blessing in disguise … The things that we know certain ...

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DPS board approves $92 million loan

The Detroit Board of Education approved a resolution Aug. 1 to borrow $92 million through a bond sale to cover the cost of the upcoming school year for Detroit Public Schools. All but two board members supported the resolution. Board member Elena Herrada abstained and board member Wanda Redmon voted “no.” ...

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‘Dream Defenders’ continue sit-in at Florida governor’s office

The group of college aged-students who have kept Florida Gov. Rick Scott out of his Tallahassee office off and on for more than two weeks call themselves the “Dream Defenders.” Their goal is to make sure the dreams of their generation are not “deferred,” a reference to Langston Hughes’ famous poem titled “Harlem (Dream Deferred).” “We are here to no longer defer the dream. These issues are real to our gener ...

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‘Kevyn Orr has to go’

Over 30 members of Detroit clergy and community leaders held a press conference Aug. 6 calling for the removal of Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr from his position. Led by Rev. Tellis Chapman, pastor of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, where the press conference was held, speaker after speaker said they wanted Orr to be removed from office following his derogatory comments in a recent Wall Street Jour ...

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Youth baseball at Lasky Field

The re-establishment of the game of baseball for the city’s youth continues this summer through the joint efforts of the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department and Healthy Kidz, Inc. Various levels of baseball are being played at Lasky Field on Detroit’s northeast side. The league has 400 youth playing on 23 teams in T-ball, Coaches Pitch, 12 and under, and 14 under. Games are played at five of the field’s ...

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Film Review: ‘Fruitvale Station’

If you don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you might only know the rudiments of this tragic event and subsequent upheaval: Black man, in handcuffs, shot in back by white police officer in Bay Area Rapid Transit train station. Protests. Riots. Unrest. This thoughtful, methodical and contemporary allegory, which is based on a true story, carries the weight of a Greek Tragedy. The film reveals as much ab ...

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Local NAACP, interfaith community honor Nelson Mandela

Detroit Branch NAACP, along with interfaith community, labor, civic and student activists celebrated Mandela Day July 24 in honor of civil and human rights activist Nelson Mandela. The event held at Fellowship Chapel was to celebrate Mandela’s 95th birthday on July 18 and commemorate his life by continuing service to justice, peace, and racial cooperation and understanding. The event involved three aspects ...

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Student loan resolution: Better than nothing?

The United States Senate finally stepped up to ensure that student loan rates would not double, as might have happened. There have been weeks of back and forth, but now the Senate says they will tie student loan rates to the federal funds rate, which means in the short run — until next year — the lowest student loan rates will be 3.86 percent; this will be up slightly from 3.4 percent. ...

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The profit of protest: Definitely in the black

Overruling myself, I am now doing what I said I would not; I am writing a column in which I mention two items: Skittles and iced tea. I cringed every time I heard those words during the pursuit of justice for Trayvon Martin and his family and throughout the trial of George Zimmerman. They became synonymous with Trayvon himself and were mentioned just as much as his name was mentioned. ...

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