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‘Refuse complicity, go on the record, make a history of conscience, come into exile’

I have never been arrested before for any reason. It has become necessary to confront immoral legal authority. If we do nothing, we are complicit. As an elected school board member, I have been sued by the attorney general of Michigan for being elected. Judges, lawyers, teachers, politicians and citizens are afraid to speak out against this abuse of power. The rich do not have to pay taxes and are able to e ...

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Do we say white people can’t run Chrysler?

When GM and Chrysler went bankrupt for something like $80 billion, nobody said white people are not ready to be in charge of transnational industrial corporations or Chrysler was dependent on free tax money from us. No one said to the too big to fail auto corporations that they wanted free stuff, as corporation leader and presidential candidate Mitt Romney insultingly said to the NAACP convention. Chrysler ...

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Will Detroit’s mayoral election be stolen?

Watching Kevin Dietz’s report “Was Duggan Involved in EM Search?” on WDIV July 17, with the e-mail trail showing Mike Duggan’s involvement helping to select Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr — after 2.3 million people in the state of Michigan voted against an EM — I couldn’t help but wonder how will Detroiters get a fair shake during the August 6 primary. Duggan has spared no expense launching his write-in campai ...

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Justice Department petition: I knew I was not alone

As of July 16, one million people had signed a NAACP petition asking the Department of Justice to pursue federal and civil rights charges against George Zimmerman after he was found not guilty in the murder of Trayvon Martin. I knew I was not alone in my outrage, anger and heartbreak over this decision. When a teenager’s life is taken and there is no accountability for the man who killed him, nothing seems ...

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Mike Dugeon for mayor Mayor

Detroit barber Mike Dugeon is running for mayor of Detroit. The 30-year old Dugeon, who says he’s ‘in it to win it,’ filed as a write-in candidate for mayor this morning. His slogan, “Every citizen has a future.” Within minutes of putting up his Facebook page, Dugeon garnered wide support -- over 3,000 likes. He also sent a message to voters: “Write Mike and spell it right! D-U-G-E-O-N Mike Dugeon for Detro ...

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Investigate the racial context behind Martin’s death

If Trayvon Martin were not a young Black male, he would be alive today. Despite the verdict, it’s clear George Zimmerman would never have confronted a young white man wearing a hoodie. He would, at the very least, have listened to the cops and stayed back. Trayvon Martin is dead because Zimmerman believed that “these guys always get away” and chose not to wait for the police. Trayvon Martin’s death shatters ...

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Obama remarks on Zimmerman verdict draw accolades 

President Barack Obama’s surprise address to the nation identifying with the anger and hurt over the Trayvon Martin not-guilty verdict has won praise from supporters and detractors alike. As the nation anticipated protests July 20 in cities across the nation in response to the not-guilty verdict in the shooting of the unarmed teenager, President Obama gave unscripted remarks the afternoon before on racial s ...

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The upcoming primary and general election will be the first time in nearly a century where Detroit voters will elect their city council officials by district. Per the 2012 City Charter, the city was divided into seven council districts. Where in the past, Detroiters voted for their council members at-large, voters will now elect seven members by district and two at-large. Voters must know the district in wh ...

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Anonymous whistleblower has Zimbabwe glued to social media

(GIN) — Using social media, a whistleblower has been igniting a firestorm in Zimbabwe with allegations of ruling party corruption as the country prepares for national polls. In recent postings on Facebook, “Baba Jukwa” as he calls himself, appears to be the WikiLeaks of Zimbabwe. His Facebook page, about four months old, has almost 250,000 followers and receives hundreds of responses to new posts. A self-de ...

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