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Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr stopped paying the city’s bills in early June, letting city debt grow. At the same time, he is paying his former law partners and consultants millions from an alleged cash-strapped city. To date, Orr — with the aid of six City Council members Charles Pugh, Gary Brown, Saunteel Jenkins, Kenneth Cockrel Jr., Andre Spivey and James Tate — has committed the city to spending $22 milli ...

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Bankruptcy birthed in Snyder’s office

E-mails between Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration, Kevyn Orr and Jones Day law firm reveal the governor’s early plan to take Detroit into bankruptcy before City Council approved any of the steps or the mayor made the choices public. The timeline also raises questions of Jones Day having an unfair advantage in the Request for Proposal (RFP) selection process. ...

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A city is not a factory

The U.S. bankruptcy judge ruled that EM Kevyn Orr has the authority to act in the place of local government in a Detroit bankruptcy case. The judge has yet to decide if Detroit is eligible to file. This was Gov. Snyder’s plan all long — to take the city through bankruptcy. According to e-mails released this week, the plan for an emergency manager-led bankruptcy began in the governor’s office — confirming cr ...

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Judge to rule on EM’s powers to name Library Commissioners

Wayne County Third Circuit Court Judge Annette Berry told attorneys for former Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roy Roberts and elected board members July 19 that she will issue a written ruling on whether the EM has power to appoint members of the Library Commission. It is a point Berry ruled on earlier when DPS was under Public Act 72, the preceding emergency manager law to Public Act 436. Then, s ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

The U.S. marshal was taciturn, polite, no Dale Carnegie wannabe, as she dutifully queried Rev. Charles Williams II of the National Action Network (NAN) about NAN plans to shut down Detroit’s Fort Street between Shelby and Washington streets for a NAN Justice for Trayvon Rally. The U.S. federal courthouse and the U.S. Department of Justice offices sandwiched the proposed rally site. Rev. Williams explained t ...

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For the future

The decision by Governor Snyder and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection came in the midst of grieving in Detroit. The wounds from the acquittal of the killer of Trayvon Martin were all the more painful as they were combined with the inability of the jury to come to a decision in the Aiyana Jones case. ...

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