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DPS board members to fight back

While still recovering from the Zimmerman verdict, I find myself wondering if racism will ever be totally eradicated, if justice will ever be applied unilaterally, if democracy will be extended to all American citizens equally. While I don’t know the answer to any of the aforementioned questions, I believe we must continue fighting for equality and against unfair legislative practices. ...

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Judge to rule on EM’s powers to name Library Commissioners

Wayne County Third Circuit Court Judge Annette Berry Friday, July 19, told attorneys for former Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Roy Roberts and elected board members that she will issue a written ruling on whether the EM has power to appoint members of the Library Commission. It is a point Berry ruled on earlier when DPS was under Public Act 72, the preceding emergency manager law to Public Act 436 ...

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In 100th year, Delta president has servant’s heart 

Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre has led the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority through a tumultuous period in the United States and world history. It is an era of inspiring highs, such as the election and re-election of America’s first Black president, the 100th anniversary of the organization’s founding, and of debilitating lows, such as the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010, the rise of obstruct ...

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Twitter, Facebook explode after Zimmerman verdict

“The good thing about the Zimmerman case is that our kids will be learning about this in school and discussing the morality of it. The more they know.” Nicholas, Facebook “The gun George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin will be returned to him. #WTF #Zimmerman goes free where’s the justice? No Justice? #War.” @DJKingAssasin,Twitter ...

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Justice for Trayvon Martin?

I believe the question of justice for Trayvon Martin is one of the most profound and challenging questions our country now faces. To begin with, it now requires a federal civil rights trial that focuses on Zimmerman’s racial profiling of Martin, a critical and obvious factor in this tragedy, which the Florida judge excluded from the criminal trial. But justice for Trayvon Martin goes beyond a new trial. It ...

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Access to publicly owned land in Detroit

Just a few short years ago, the issue of vacant land in Detroit garnered international attention. As academics and researchers studied the complexities of America’s older industrial cities, the issue of vacant land took center stage. Everyone wanted to know just how much vacant land existed in the city and the extent of the associated liability. Others wanted to know what the city planned to do with the vac ...

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Nationwide protests of Zimmerman verdict

Over a million people nationwide took to the streets in protest of the not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman, killer of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin. The July 13 verdict that came in the late night shocked some, enraged others and left millions of Americans with a range of emotions, demanding justice for Trayvon Martin. Protesters from the east coast to the west and in between are calling on the U.S. Depar ...

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Fourth of July letter to EM Orr

Today is the one day that we are to reflect on the meaning and historical significance of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. One of the self-evident truths expressed that day was that governments derive their legitimacy from the consent of the governed. That powerful concept means that any governance not established by the people is not legitimate. That very concept is at the heart of the subs ...

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AFSCME responds to bankruptcy filing

Governor Snyder’s plan to suspend democracy, drive one of America’s largest cities into bankruptcy and deprive workers of their hard-earned retirement security, moved dangerously closer to reality today when without a single negotiation with unions, workers or retirees, Snyder authorized Detroit’s financial manager to file for bankruptcy. Despite assurances from Snyder’s hand-picked financial manager Kevyn ...

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