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Keep Growing Detroit hosts tour of Detroit urban gardens

Keep Growing Detroit is hosting its Annual Tour of Detroit Urban Gardens and Farms Aug. 7 that will give participants a sampling of over 1,400 gardens in the city by bus or bike. This year’s event will feature themed bus tour routes: “Fresh Perspectives,” featuring youth gardens; “Fertile Ground,” exploring the cooperative efforts of garden communities; “Farm to Fork,” highlighting production-focused garden ...

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Justice near for Angolan dad ‘unlawfully killed’ by UK guards

In a surprise ruling, a UK jury said three British security guards “unlawfully killed” an Angolan father held in a stress position prior to his deportation to Angola on British Airways. An earlier hearing had dismissed all charges against the guards. In the incident with overtones of the Trayvon Martin case in Sanford, Fla., the victim, Jimmy Mubenga, a father of five, was overheard crying out: “Let me up. ...

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Defying Obama, Senegal and Ivory Coast declare they are anti-gay

Despite a small but visible increase in public tolerance toward the gay community, African leaders continue to press for the criminalization and, in a few cases, the death penalty for those who are openly gay. Their latest condemnations come in the wake of President Obama’s Africa trip and his praise for the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage. ...

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African leaders renege on pledge to support small farmers

Ten years after 53 African Union countries pledged to invest in their farmers and break the cycle of food insecurity, only seven countries have fulfilled their pledge. At a meeting in Maputo, Mozambique, 53 African heads of state agreed in 2003 to allocate at least 10 percent of their national budgets to agriculture and livestock by July 2008. Now only seven countries — Burkina Faso, Niger, Guinea, Senegal, ...

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From Trayvon Martin to Monica Lewis Patrick

Much of the country mourns the death of Trayvon Martin as the man who killed him was found not guilty on all charges — second-degree murder and manslaughter — and free to return home to his family. One of the most thoughtful responses to this tragedy came from UCLA Professor Robin D. G. Kelley who wrote about the systemic nature of violence in our country and the ideology of white supremacy that requires it ...

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DPS board rejects Kinloch

The elected Detroit Public Schools board found Jonathon Kinloch sitting on the stage of Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Boys at the board table, when it began its monthly meeting July 11. Appointed by former DPS Emergency Manager Roy Roberts, without advice or consent of the elected board, Kinloch had taken his place — alphabetically — at the board table and had fashioned himself a name plate. He was b ...

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Despite historic profiling and brutality of Blacks in America, the “not guilty” verdict of Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, continues to stun millions this week as Black leaders vow to seek justice. Black Americans, joined by significant numbers of whites, have taken to the streets, social media and even the pulpit for comfort after witnessing a smiling Zimmerman shake hands with his attorneys, em ...

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’92 Malice Green mural demolished, new mural to come

A group of Detroiters, including artist Bennie White Ethiopia, plan to reproduce the recently demolished Malice Green mural. One of Detroit’s most recognizable memorial tributes to the late 34-year-old victim of police brutality was reduced to rubble just last week. On July 8, city workers, without any notification prior to, bulldozed the storefront where Green’s mural stood as a reminder of the violence th ...

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