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Over 40 million households pay more than 30 percent for housing

Each year, the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University assesses the nation’s housing outlook. The just released report The State of the Nation’s Housing in 2013 acknowledges that a housing recovery is underway; yet, it shares an array of findings that show only some Americans are a part of that recovery. ...

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On race, Supreme Court is out of touch

In its decision June 24 on affirmative action, the Supreme Court punted. It reviewed the University of Texas affirmative action program — in which race is admittedly “a factor of a factor of a factor” in admission, one of many factors used with a university committed to the educational benefits of a diverse student body — and said the lower court had to give it even stricter scrutiny. Or in essence, take an ...

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‘I recall having to pay a poll tax’

By Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson NNPA With its ruling on the Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court has taken the country back to a time when racial minorities were not able to participate equitably in the voting process. The court’s decision is disgraceful to civil rights leaders and legislators who have fought to preserve equal voting rights in this country. It reminds me of a time in our history when minoriti ...

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Hunger takes a toll on older adults

Among the 50 million Americans who rely on emergency food from food banks each year, only about 8 percent are adults age 65 or older. However, senior hunger is on the rise and is expected to increase over the next two decades. Demographic shifts and rising health care costs are two factors pushing this trend. ...

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Senate bill quietly curtails African immigration

Each year, 50,000 people are selected at random to immigrate to the United States. They don’t need specialized job skills or even a relative in the country. What they need most is a little luck, some basic educational or work training qualifications, and to be from a country with few recent immigrants living in the United States. ...

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Juanita Reaves Free Clinic Benefit

Organizers held a golf outing to benefit the Juanita Reaves Free Clinic June 21 at the Pheasant Run Golf Course in Canton. “(Juanita Reaves Free Clinic) is the anchor for the community and out of that has come other programs such as a farmers market, housing revitalization efforts,” says Tanya Allen, local businesswoman and event founder. “The clinic has been the catalyst for economic development. The clini ...

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Will ANC leaders keep Mandela’s promise or drift? 

Amid the torrent of nostalgic news features about South Africa’s first Black president, now ailing in the Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria, it has become impossible not to hear the anxieties of ordinary South Africans who fear the country’s new leaders will abandon the Mandela promise for economic prosperity derived from a racially equal society. ...

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HP students win in court

A historic civil rights case can move ahead after Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Marvin R. Stempien ruled June 27 that the children of Highland Park have a statutory and constitutional right to a basic education. He ruled further that the state and emergency manager are not immune from lawsuits when a child’s constitutional right to a basic education is at stake. ...

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