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‘No Fly Zone’ enforced: Rick Ross cancels Detroit performance, ‘fears for life’

Rap star Rick Ross was forced to cancel his Chene Park performance at Hot 107.5’s annual Summer Jamz concert June 21. Chene Park officials says 100-150 individuals blocked the service entrance into the venue, forcing Ross to cancel his appearance. A video of the interaction posted online shows Detroit rapper Trick Trick — the man who has declared Detroit a ‘No Fly Zone’ for out of town artists who don’t pay ...

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The lies about ‘illegal immigration’

In a recent conversation, a colleague expressed great indignation about “illegal immigration” and how all those Latinos smuggling themselves into the United States “are taking jobs away from Black folks.” She thus joined many other people in this country who refuse to recognize one basic fact: There is absolutely no way that millions of people can be smuggled into this country. If that many people are enter ...

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Wayne County exec. candidates

Sixteen names are on the official candidate list for the office of Wayne County Executive. Detroiters and residents in the other 42 Wayne County communities will have to wade through the long list of familiar political family names and political veterans looking to unseat incumbent Robert Ficano. Ficano’s administration has been marred by federal investigations, a failed jail project and a $175 million budg ...

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Why Warren Evans should be the next county executive

Without a doubt, the two most important jobs in Wayne County are the mayor of Detroit and the Wayne County Executive. The recent election of Mike Duggan as Detroit mayor has radically changed the political dynamics of the region. After nearly a decade of the state’s largest city being bogged down in scandal and profound fiscal mismanagement, there appears to be a bit of light at the end of the Motor City tu ...

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Ancient healing art Qi Gong taught weekly in downtown park

Eighteen years ago, Emily Rogers walked into her doctor’s office in Atlanta, Ga., for back pain that nearly disabled her. Rather than commit to surgery or a dependence on pain killers, the doctor taught her about Qi Gong (pronounced chee-gung) and allowed her to experience the body’s natural healing ability. “By the time I would leave his office, I would feel invigorated, just great,” Rogers told The Michig ...

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Photographers look around to see within

With the 2011 renovation of Oakman Boulevard’s Bell Building, which towers over the Detroit-Highland Park border, the Neighborhood Service Organization was able to provide fresh opportunities to the iconic piece of architecture and to more than 150 new residents, all of whom had been homeless. NSO’s program is unique and comprehensive; apartments are furnished with everything down to the toothpaste for inco ...

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Global photographer helps local politician

Photojournalist Monica Morgan is showing her work at a fundraiser for state representative candidate Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, June 26. The exhibit, “Global Journey” consists of images Morgan has taken of President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks and photos from the funeral service of South African global icon Nelson Mandela who died in December. She has selected images she believes will highligh ...

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Deals with the devil?

When the Koch Foundation gave the United Negro College Fund $25 million, it set off a maelstrom of comments in cyberspace and real time. How dare the UNCF take money from the Koch brothers, some asked. They ought to send it back, said others. One woman told me she would never give to UNCF again because of the Koch donation. Another says the Koch donation changes her perception of UNCF. The donation will pro ...

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Gentrification, assaults on the poor and on women’s rights are hate crimes

Here in “ground zero” Detroit, we are aware discriminatory bullying (Republican classism) is victimizing the majority of U.S. citizens and people of color in particular. Moreover, a lot of us see that — short of civil war — the only way we can recover popular control of “the system” and restore some semblance of justice is to peacefully identify and eradicate the cause of our common distress. In Detroit, we ...

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Wayne State Farmers Market supports healthy diets

The Wayne State University Farmers Market unveiled its seventh season on June 4 at its usual location, 5201 Cass Ave, across the street from the Main Branch of the Detroit Public Library. One of 10 neighborhood markets in Detroit, the market offers a range of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and prepared foods to eat at the market or take home. For 22 weeks, the market will host farmers and food businesses ...

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