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Profit by fear

We see Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s grand bargain as grand larceny, grand theft. We need to change the agenda, change the talking points. We’ve already taken a major hit with our healthcare. We have one lady in our group, for instance, who went from paying $150 a month for her health care to $1100 a month. That’s money coming out of your pension check. ...

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Historian to conduct Black history tour of Detroit

Landmarks of Detroit’s past greatness are hidden throughout the city. Some were paved over during eras of redevelopment; others were demolished after years of abandonment, and still more have been transformed to serve a new generation. Stewart McMillin, a man with over three decades of teaching experience, aims to educate the public on the richness of Detroit’s Black history. On July 10, McMillin will be co ...

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Graffiti muralist Sintex premieres new work

Art by Detroit’s Sintex can be seen throughout the city, from the vivid portraits of indigenous men and women covering building sides to the fierce strength of Black children warriors fearless among the ruins of their city. Sintex’s spray-painted murals have inspired countless young artists and have brought an urgency of passion to the city’s street art, influencing a new Motor City culture brick by brick. ...

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Kenyan round-up of refugees nets 300 children

As part of a controversial anti-terrorism operation, Kenya is rounding up and detaining Somali refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers, separating parents from young children. Some of the children are said to be confined to a Nairobi stadium without a parent or guardian. Emanuel Nyabera, spokesman for the UN Refugee Agency, expressed concern for some 300 Somali children, including babies as young as a few mon ...

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To ‘all the single ladies’ and African Americans

The Supreme Court had one helluva week. First, in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case, the court decided that it could not uphold the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate. In a 5-4 vote, the court held the federal government could not require employers in closely held companies to provide birth control or contraceptive coverage to employees. Religious objections will effectively win out over the needs of ...

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WATCH: Detroit Water Shutoffs documentary

“Located in the Great Lakes Basin, (Detroit is) a major city with whole segments of the community with zero access to fresh water,” says one activist who appears in Katy Levy’s efforts to document Detroit’s water crisis Levy talks with a Detroit Water Sewage Department worker, among others, who describes the water shut offs, nearly 700 a day, as “heartbreaking.” Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is executing unpr ...

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Water choices

The pursuit of profits is endangering the health and wellbeing of everyone in Detroit. What Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, Jones Day and the corporate powers they serve termed a business necessity is being revealed to the world as a violation of the most basic human right to water. This crisis was orchestrated to make the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department more attractive to buyers. Claiming they are not “ ...

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Benson, city plan rec center giveaway

“Doing the most good,” is the motto of the Salvation Army. Residents of northeast Detroit think the Salvation Army doesn’t mind its words. Fifteen-acre Lipke Park and the 10-year old Lipke Recreation Center, 1932 Van Dyke between Bliss and Suzanne, are in City Councilperson Scott Benson’s third district. While the future of the park and facility were being decided by the council July 1 — before angry and an ...

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Missing 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell found alive, well

Twelve-year-old Charlie Bothuell, who went missing June 14, was found alive in the basement of his father’s home 11 days later. Before he went missing, Bothuell was last seen at his father and stepmother’s home in the 1300 block of Nicolet Place on the city’s east side. Accordingtohis mother Africa Shipping, her son may have had a disagreement with his stepmother. In a phone interview during her son’s disap ...

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Botswana’s Okavango Delta a ‘world heritage site’

The Okavango Delta — Africa’s last-remaining wetland wilderness — has been listed as the 1,000th World Heritage site by UNESCO, the United Nations’ cultural body. The vast “Okavango wilderness” will be counted alongside such majestic formations as the Galapagos, Amazon, Arctic and Great Barrier Reef. It contains a number of endangered species and is unusual in that it is inland and does not flow into a sea. ...

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