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Kim Kardashian — Every thing but the burden

Whether or not this was Beaumont's rationale, we do not know. And we can only speculate on Kardashian's. After all, she shared on social media that the "balancing act" was a talent. One can conclude she was not aware of the history of such an image. That Beaumont's photo was for the cover of Goude's book Jungle Fever which pictured Jones in a cage. Or that the image brings to mind for many the dehumanizatio ...

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OPINION: Former Confederate states back on top

The change is now complete. The former Confederate States of America have now regained their position as the dominant force in congressional politics in this country. They had that position in the Democratic Party from the late 1860s until the 1960s. During those years, they chaired nearly every major committee in the House and the Senate. ...

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