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Of state takeover and Eichmann

The Detroit School Board under emergency managerment is forced to sue in court or request via the Freedom of Information Act any information other elected officials would routinely receive without even requesting it. Under the opaque practices of the emergency manager, no contracts have to go out for bid. All is decided by the emergency manager, or so it sometimes seems. Other times, the EM has no power. Fo ...

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Take a stand for cancer patients, pass the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act

On behalf of the Michigan Society of Hematology and Oncology (“MSHO”), we encourage the Michigan Legislature to pass House Bill 4751, the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act. MSHO is a state-based professional organization, which currently represents over 93 percent of all practicing hematologists and medical oncologists in Michigan. It is the mission of MSHO to promote exemplary care for patients with cancer and ...

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What are the Detroit police about?

All around us and in daily news reports we are witnessing official disrespect for Black life. Street crime and Black-on-Black crime have earned headlines for years. It is the story corporate media loves to report; the kind of crime that builds fear of each other within the community and fear of the community in general by everyone else. Media creates the fear and disrespect that leads to a young girl gettin ...

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Putting the ‘Black’ in Black Friday

The Christmas season provides an excellent opportunity for Africans in America to engage in a season of resistance. The corporate retail establishment in this country is heavily dependent upon this season for consumers to participate in a frenzy of buying to buttress their bottom line. The unofficial kick-off of the “shop until you drop” season is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is called Black Friday. ...

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International law says Michigan has no right to take away rights

Across the country, many minds have been boggled by the fact Michigan has an Emergency Manager law that allows the Governor to place all authority normally possessed by a mayor and city council in the hands of a single, unelected and essentially unaccountable individual. This breathtaking piece of legislation — which has been invoked most often in cities with substantial Black populations — strips citizens ...

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Who will defend Black women?

All Renisha McBride wanted to do was to go home. She had been in a car accident, her cell phone was dead and she needed help. She knocked on a couple of doors in a suburban Detroit neighborhood where she was stranded, but it was well after midnight and people weren’t opening their doors. Finally, she found a homeowner who opened his door but instead of offering the help she so desperately needed, he shot he ...

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