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The 1965 Voting Rights Act versus 2013 Jim Crow reform

We thought we had escaped the Jim Crow laws established and enacted between 1876 and 1965, shortly after the emancipation of slaves. If we don’t quite remember the mandated de jure racial segregation in all public facilities within the southern states comprising the former Confederacy, starting with 1890’s “separate but equal” status for African Americans, we are headed back there now. ...

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Belle Isle to become a commonwealth?

Holiday celebrants on Belle Isle this Fourth of July weekend could be counting their last such days on the island. Rodney Lockwood Jr. is the principal in a company that develops, builds and manages apartment and senior living communities. However, his recent fame comes from his proposal to buy Belle Isle from the city of Detroit for $1 billion and turn it into a commonwealth. ...

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No privacy in DNA

A recent case diminished the privacy that individuals have in their genes. The crux of the controversy, as with any search, is whether “the promotion of legitimate governmental interests” against the “degree to which the search intrudes upon an individual’s privacy.” In a landmark decision, Maryland v. King, the United States Supreme Court decided that police can swab the cheeks of arrested individuals for ...

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Money could propel Duggan to victory

Mike Duggan is back in the race for mayor of Detroit. Duggan announced June 28 that he’s going to run as a write-in candidate after the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling two weeks ago that Duggan did not meet the Detroit City Charter residency requirement. Political consultant Adolph Mongo says if a candidate has money, there is a chance at winning any election. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Mind snacks-at-large are intended to enhance the celebratory Fourth of July holiday activities. Chew on ‘em or spit ‘em out, whatever. A Facebook mind snack of mine: “Is it because you don’t know or don’t give a good damn? I will keep it in your face — don’t like it? Get off this page. All three branches of Detroit government are controlled from Lansing: the executive (mayor), the legislative (City Council) ...

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Replacing the council leadership

Detroit City Council will name its new leadership July 9. Council will vote on a replacement for Council President Charles Pugh and former Pro Tem Gary Brown. The respective positions, by 2009 charter, go to the city’s top vote getter and second place winner. It is unclear, however, if the council will be guided by the 2012 charter or its earlier iteration. ...

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Different values

Last week, more than100 people gathered at the Church of the Messiah for the March for Peace. It was a spirited gathering, as people walked through the east side neighborhood chanting, “Peace now” and “Silence the violence.” Neighbors stood on porches and clapped along with the drumbeats. High school students danced in the street. Decorated bikes, motorcycles, horses, babies in carriages and elders assisted ...

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The Stereo Crew

Today’s global social media world has many hip hop artists aspiring to have an international impact, allowing the music and images of their local movement to become global currency. The Stereo Crew have done just that, straight from Detroit to a land far from home. ...

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