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The Urban League honors youth who ‘Do the Right Thing’

The Urban League of Detroit & Southeastern Michigan Guild will recognize more than 200 Detroit-area youth for their positive attributes and achievements at its 48th annual Guild Gala on Dec. 7. The National Urban League has 95 affiliates serving 300 communities across the United States. Detroit’s affliate, the ULDSEM Guild said in a press statement, more than 70,000 infants, children, adults and seniors rec ...

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Kenyan MPs slash women’s rights

In a stunning setback to the equal rights movement, Kenyan male members of parliament (MPs) voted to undo some of women’s hard-fought victories that provided financial support for women in case of divorce. In a late-night vote by parliament, revisions to the Matrimonial Property Bill by the male MPs were carried easily as only 34 women MPs were in the house. The women were beaten 87-28 in a roll call vote. ...

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Anti-corruption group taps Angolan blogger for prize

Bloggers from China and Angola will share the “Integrity Prize” for taking on the corrupt elites in their respective countries despite great personal risk. The award was launched by the Berlin-based Transparency International to honor journalists, government officials and civil society leaders who bravely challenge corruption around the world. ...

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Thousands attend memorial for Ken Saro-Wiwa

For his defense of the environment in the oil-rich lands in Nigeria’s southern tip, Ogoni activist Ken Saro-Wiwa paid the highest price on Nov. 10, 1995. This week, Nigerians at home and abroad celebrated Saro-Wiwa’s life and courage in leading the Ogoni people to oppose the polluting oil extraction activities of Shell oil and other oil multinationals. ...

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Stifling activism, bureaucratically

I am writing and raging. Raging because I am tired, oh so tired, of my activism being repressed or limited by bureaucratic minutia and ridiculous protocol. I am even more upset at the ways bureaucracy stifles my students who, because they are informed and outraged, want to act and are told they can’t, or can only under certain conditions…blah, blah, blah. ...

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