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Trial of Trayvon’s killer begins

The long-awaited Florida trial of the Neighborhood Watch captain accused of gunning down teenager Trayvon Martin in cold blood began June 10. It is expected to focus the nation on Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law. The law allows a person to use deadly force against an attacker in self-defense without any obligation to retreat first. ...

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Detroit Peoples Platform Convention participants discuss city platforms

Over 200 Detroit residents, community leaders and activists gathered for the Detroit Peoples Platform and Convention June 1 at Marygrove College. The convention was organized around five different platforms: government, jobs, land acquisition, food and transportation, for each of the seven new City Council districts. ...

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The Raiz Up gives a hip hop teach-in about Detroit’s EM

Clark Park in Southwest Detroit June 9 hosted a special edition of The Raiz Up, a regular event held in the city designed to engage the community through hip hop. The topic of discussion was emergency management of Detroit and how people in the community can share information about the current state of the city. ...

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