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The Raiz Up gives a hip hop teach-in about Detroit’s EM

Clark Park in Southwest Detroit June 9 hosted a special edition of The Raiz Up, a regular event held in the city designed to engage the community through hip hop. The topic of discussion was emergency management of Detroit and how people in the community can share information about the current state of the city. ...

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EM holds required ‘community meeting’

No baby strollers. No large purses or book bags. Metal detectors. Three police departments — Michigan State, Wayne State University and Detroit Police departments — made for a controlled environment at Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s first legally mandated public meeting. About 100 protestors gathered out front. And not everyone was admitted. The auditorium held 250 people, but many of the seats were ...

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Chokwe Lumumba: Jackson’s new mayor

Last week, Chokwe Lumumba won the general election for mayor in Jackson, Miss., receiving 87 percent of votes. After receiving the news, Lumumba said, “I’m just delighted. I feel wonderfully well about the people and their vote. Our slogan has been the people must decide, and the people gave us an outstanding mandate today for positive change in the city of Jackson.” ...

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Parents fear for Oakman children

Parents of students at Oakman Orthopedic School continue the battle to keep their school open. Approximately 50 supporters marched, rolled wheelchairs and maneuvered walkers June 6 in front of Erma Henderson School, 16101 West Chicago, to protest the closing of their school and relocation of their most vulnerable children two and a half miles away to Henderson. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Sitting in the back row of the Wayne State University Law School auditorium that was intentionally too small for the Detroiters that wanted to hear what Governor Nerd’s Black proxy had to say, I wondered why the hell I had come to the damn place. We were in a quasi-martial law imposed environ with the boys in state blue calling the shots. ...

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Restoring our souls

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr was compelled by law to hold a public meeting to discuss his report on the financial condition of Detroit. It turns out the emergency version of a public meeting is not much. It means finding a small space, get as many of your hired friends in (by the back door) as you can, set up metal detectors, limit the access to a few dozen people and give only some of them one minut ...

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