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A time for resistance:  Detroit 2013 June 23-30

Detroit 2013 will be a gathering of movement activists from all over the country to broaden and strengthen the resistance that the American people are mounting to the abuses and assaults we are suffering from corporate and political elites. Across the country, extreme right-wing forces are systematically attacking our most basic values and most cherished rights and responsibilities. They are turning everyth ...

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Hypocrisy in the Michigan aristocracy: Give us art and the people be damned

Detroit’s Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr was doing all right until he obviously, to some, “stepped outta line.” Talking about a Pandora’s Box being opened, here is one. If ever there was a case of political hypocrisy and blatant demagoguery, it is in the State of Michigan by those who originally cheered for and legislated into action Michigan’s new misguided Emergency Manager Law. ...

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The uneven recovery

Although the overall unemployment rate still exceeds 7 percent and the official Black unemployment rate is greater than 13 percent, there are some who insist there is a robust economic recovery in progress. Indeed, we were declared “post recession” in 2011 based on the definition of recovery as GDP growth for three quarters in a row. ...

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The life of many single mothers

I know I am one of many who can say “I was raised by a single mother.” A recent study by Legal Momentum reminded us that being a single mother can be, and often is, a challenge. It’s easy for one who comes from a two parent home to ask why so many African Americans, especially highly paid athletes, pay tribute to their mothers when the cameras turn to them. It’s almost 100 percent certain when one of us rec ...

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National NAACP applauds historic expansion of voting rights

“This is a great step for Virginia, and we look forward to working with the Commonwealth … on expanding the vote,” stated Benjamin Todd Jealous, national president and CEO of the NAACP. “Anyone who has made a mistake, done their time and paid their debt to society should be able to join their neighbors at the voting booth.” ...

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Bill introduced to prevent firework disturbances

LANSING — Senator Tupac A. Hunter, D-Detroit, introduced legislation last week that would give local governments the power to regulate the use of fireworks on any day and at any time during the year. While Michigan law was amended to expand the sale and use of once-illegal fireworks in the state, there are currently no state laws that regulate their use the day before, day of and day after federal holidays. ...

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House of Art in Eastern Market offers Red Bull sponsorship for local artists

Tucked away on Winder Street in Detroit’s Eastern Market, the Red Bull House of Art is a new institution providing an environment for young artists to develop their craft. The facility provides space for artists to bring their visions to life. Once a month, the gallery hosts an open house for folks to mix, mingle and experience new and exciting art in Detroit. ...

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