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The U.S. military, rogue soldiers and broken lives in Africa

When President George W. Bush contemplated the invasion of Iraq, then U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell warned him that an armed intervention that would make conditions in that country worse would be held to the Pottery Barn Rule: “If you break it, you own it.” This caveat was essentially ignored by President Bush in Iraq, and since that time, the U.S. military establishment has, to its detriment, disreg ...

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‘New Work’ and community production: Eyes on Detroit

Jimmy Boggs (1919-1993) encouraged people to “make a way out of no way.” That is what we have been doing in Detroit as we have been grappling with the economic devastation of the postindustrial era and have had to imagine our lives anew. A tsunami hit us decades ago when robots began replacing human beings on factory assembly lines. Resilient Detroiters became keenly aware that, to avoid the catastrophe of ...

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Soaking up sun in the garden

Physical fitness tips to help you remember the garden, not the aches By Suezette Olaker, M.D. Special to the Michigan Citizen Now that the weather finally permits gardening, it’s tempting to spend long periods at work. Beware of bad habits that can make tasks tedious by treating gardening as you would any other exercise — with warm ups, cool downs and stretches. - A few minutes of walking briskly is an exce ...

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Detroit Hustles Harder brand to celebrate 5 years in Eastern Market

“Detroit Hustles Harder” has become a mantra throughout the city as the people of the region struggle to bring the Motor City back to its place as one of the world’s greatest cities. For the small startup company Aptemal Clothing, those words have helped them develop one of the most recognized brands throughout Detroit. On May 19, Division Street Boutique, the official home of Aptemal Clothing and the Detro ...

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Reducing the cost of college

According to a recent report, 46 percent of America’s college students and 63 percent of African American students don’t graduate college within six years. As we consider the statistics, there’s nearly a trillion dollars in outstanding student loan debt, only 15 percent of entering college freshman graduate after four years, 40 percent drop out the first year and another 50 percent leave during their second ...

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Black revolutionary Assata Shakur is no terrorist

When the FBI announced that they were placing fugitive Assata Shakur (Joanne Chesimard) on the list of most wanted terrorists and that they were offering an additional $1 million for her capture, it caught most of the world by complete surprise. Assata has been living quietly in exile in Cuba where she was given political asylum for 30 years. The former member of the Black Liberation Army escaped captivity ...

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Testimonial of Henry Ford High School student

(Recently) the administration informed the student body that a student, Terry Jones, was killed over the weekend while he was on his way to a gang fight. It was interesting because during my Ethics class, we were — or attempting to — have a class discussion about the recent student protest for equal education at Michigan and North Carolina universities. The class did not seem intrigued until it was announce ...

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On Democracy and Emergency Managers

Progressive Michiganders have, in response to the proposed and imposed emergency managers, opposed the emergency manager (EM) laws as attacks on or subversions of democracy. This concern is based primarily around the emergency managers’ ability to dismiss the decision-making power of elected officials. This, in effect, removes the franchise from subject populations by disempowering those who won office by t ...

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NAACP sues, ‘EM law violates voting rights’

“Something is rotten in the state of Michigan!” Rev. Wendell Anthony, president of the Detroit Branch NAACP, spoke these words at a press conference May 13 to announce the filing of a federal lawsuit against the state’s emergency manager law, Public Act 436. The lawsuit filed by the Detroit Branch and Michigan State Conference NAACP in the United States District Court for the Eastern District is now the thi ...

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DPS wants federal probe

At its monthly meeting May 9, the Detroit Board of Education unanimously voted to seek a federal grand jury investigation into the “unlawful use of federal funds designated for use by the Detroit Public Schools (DPS).” The Board claimed that the Education Achievement Authority (EAA), the former Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb, Emergency Manager (EM) Roy Roberts, Gov. Rick Sndyer and other state offi ...

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