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Nigerian beauty captures Muslim-only pageant crown

In a contest that highlights religious values and Islamic fashions, 21-year-old Obabiya Aishah Ajibola of Nigeria was the tearful winner of the coveted prize. The beauty pageant for Muslims took place in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, prior to the Miss World competition, which was relocated to Bali after protests by hard-line Indonesian Muslim groups who found it offensive. ...

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Gruesome photos of Kenyan mall shootings spark debate

The shocking terror assault at a popular shopping center in Nairobi sent shivers around the world as global news media supplied minute-to-minute coverage of the deadly event. Some 68 people were killed and 170 injured in the attack by alleged Somali al-Shabab insurgents who, for four days, held hostages in a siege at the upscale mall. ...

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Nairobi attack exposes flawed U.S. terror policies

In the aftermath of the worst terror attack in East Africa in three years, foreign policy scholars here are urging the U.S. government to rethink its counter-terror policy in the region. Many are suggest the Somali al-Shabab militant organization, reportedly linked to Al Qaeda, may be stronger and better organized than previously thought. ...

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