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Riding dirty: Who are the real car insurance criminals?

I am a criminal. I have a car but no insurance. After my beloved truck broke down, I was carless for 16 months in the Motor City — hustling rides, waiting for buses and cabs that never showed, popping bike tires in gaping potholes at 3 a.m. in neighborhoods with no working streetlights. During this time, I let my old car insurance policy expire without renewing it. Why would I renew it? I had nothing to ins ...

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EM Roberts says he’s leaving, but not going far

“I’m leaving, but I won’t be far….I’m leaving, but I won’t be gone….I’m leaving, but I’ll still be here.” DPS Emergency manager Roy Roberts announced his retirement to board members at his 14th floor offices at the Fischer Building May 2. However, after the meeting, board members said he sounded as though he would still be around, telling them after his contract expired May 16, he would serve as a consultan ...

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Western International holds off Mumford, Denby stays unbeaten

The sun broke through and the field dried up at Clark Park as the game between Western International and Mumford played under better conditions than previous Public School League (PSL) games. Western pitcher Aitza Rodriguez had struck out eight batters and held off a fifth inning charge by a determined group of Mumford players as the Cowgirls, rebounding from a 18-0 Monday loss to Renaissance, won their fou ...

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Cass Tech wins over Renaissance

Cass Tech (2-2) got back on the winning track last Friday, but it took an eighth inning rally for the Technicians to defeat their scholastic rival Renaissance 5-4 at Manz Playfield on Detroit’s East Side. The game was scheduled for Northwestern High School’s Willie Horton Field, but because scrap metal thieves stole the fencing around the field, the game was moved to Manz Field. ...

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Bound in the school-to-prison pipeline

California’s balance sheet is mired in an unusual dilemma. While the criminal justice portion of the state budget has increased, the higher education portion has decreased. During recessions, higher education budgets typically experience significant state funding cuts (money for proposed construction projects, campus refurbishment, scholarships/grants), but the corrections budget remains about the same. ...

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Redefining the American Family: A 21st Century Perspective

To redefine and reinvent our families, we will also have to redefine and reinvent our schools. In the past, it was assumed that families had responsibility for raising children, instilling in them common sense and values, while the role of the schools was to provide cognitive or academic skills. Conservatives still argue for this sharp division of roles. On the other hand, as more parents have been forced t ...

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The East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC) has named long-time community activist and author, Dr. Ife Kilimanjaro, co-director as part of a new, shared leadership model for the Detroit-based nonprofit. In celebration of women in leadership and shared leadership, EMEAC invites members of the community to a wine and cheese reception May 10 from 7 p.m.-9 p.m. ...

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Presenting ‘Black Moorish Woman’

The Visiting Committee for European Sculpture and Decorative Arts, The Friends of African and African American Art, and the Alliance Française de Grosse Pointe present the event “It’s All about Beauty, People and Color: Mauresque Noire in Context” May 11 at 2 p.m. The event centers on the Detroit Institute of Art’s recently acquired Mauresque Noire (Black Moorish Woman) by French artist Charles Cordier. Lau ...

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Rev. Run and Ask, Screen, Know comes to Detroit

Hip hop icon Rev. Run of the legendary Run DMC spoke with over 300 metro Detroiters April 28 about diabetes. For almost a year, Rev. Run has been a part of the Ask, Screen, Know campaign to educate affected people and communities about diabetes. “It’s been really good, getting the word out,” Rev. Run told the Michigan Citizen. “This campaign has helped me to lose weight; it has kept me focused and my family ...

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State of Equality and Justice in America: It’s time to step it up, we have not arrived!

Reflecting upon the past 50 years since the 1963 March on Washington, we must pay homage to our civil rights leaders for their hard work, strength and endurance in the fight for equality and justice in America. Their unwavering commitment to The Movement made it possible for a Black man named Barack Obama to become President of the United States. ...

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