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After the March on Washington

The 1963 March on Washington was a pivotal moment for African Americans, a day when people joined to fight for jobs, peace and justice. More than 250,000 people traveled to Washington, coming by busses, trains and occasionally planes. They came despite the scourge of segregation, which meant that many who were driving had to carefully select the places they could stop and eat (actually most brought goodies ...

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What do you really expect?

Recently, I’ve been viewing world events with greater interest than usual. Although many of us either ignore or approach world events with a sense of hopelessness and helpless resignation, I believe it’s imperative for us to maintain awareness of how the U.S. government interfaces with the rest of the world in our name. I submit that when our government closes embassies for an indeterminate period, evacuate ...

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New York’s ‘Stop-and-frisk’ policy declared unconstitutional

The stop-and-frisk policy practiced by the New York City police department was little more than “indirect racial profiling,” according to a federal judge who ruled that police routinely violated the Fourth and 14th Amendment rights of Blacks and Latinos. Mayor Michael Bloomberg scoffed at the ruling, saying, “This is a very dangerous decision made by a judge who I think does not understand how policing work ...

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Arizona, Kansas sue US government for Voter ID laws

Arizona and Kansas are suing the U.S. federal government for approval of election laws that would require individuals to prove their citizenship when registering to vote, officials said. In the lawsuit, filed Aug. 21, Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne and Secretary of State Ken Bennett joined the state of Kansas in suing the Elections Assistance Commission, after the agency rejected an Arizona law, Propo ...

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