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Courageous Inc. helps urban youth

Former vice chair of the Wayne County Commission Keith D. Williams is on a mission to help inner city youth. Williams, a Detroit Public Schools’ (DPS) graduate is using sports as his platform. With his non-profit, Courageous Inc., Williams, 58, will be working closely with DPS to attract students as early as middle school to the program. Courageous Inc. will also work in partnership with Wayne State Univers ...

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DDOT announces service changes due to reconstruction

Effective April 27, the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) will implement minor weekday and weekend service changes. The city’s transportation department officials say, changes are based on transit demands and designed to improve travel-time efficiencies for customer usage. The following routes will be affected by these adjustments: ...

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FTA gives final clearance for 3.3-mile Woodward streetcar

The 3.3-mile circulating streetcar along Woodward Avenue received clearance to proceed from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). This week, M-1 Rail President and CEO Matthew P. Cullen announced the appointment of eight new members to the groups board of directors. Jeni Norman is the new Chief Financial Officer. Norman was Senior Manager with the Audit and Assurance Department of The Rehmann Group. As ...

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Black Slate hosts forum on civic engagement

The Black Slate will host an open meeting May 1. The meeting will focus on volunteerism and civil/social/community action. According to a press statement, Black Slate friends, supporters, volunteers and the community is invited. The meeting will feature representatives from the Michigan Democratic Party, National Action Network, NAACP, UCC/DMA-Social Justice M.A.T., Detroit Young Dems among others. ...

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South African police brutality at record levels, justice group finds

With the defeat of apartheid, a new Black leadership runs South African ministries, businesses and schools but an abusive police force appears to have survived the cultural and social changes. Last year, five thousand complaints were lodged against the South African police and 720 deaths in police custody were reported, according to the Witz Justice Project of South Africa’s University of Witwatersrand. ...

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5e Gallery struggles to keep its home

5e Gallery in Detroit has been a mainstay in the city’s hip hop landscape since 2008. Since its opening on Michigan Avenue in Corktown, 5e has provided a welcoming creative atmosphere for the area’s large community of talented hip hop artists. In the summer of 2010, the gallery moved down the street to its current location, 2661 Michigan, Avenue, a larger building that could better accommodate the founders’ ...

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‘Highland Park’

Detroit has one of the most fascinating cultural scenes in the nation. As a city vibrant, lost and now in recovery, it’s a place both raw and refined, with gritty street art and edgy theatre, as well as remarkable museums and architecture. Yet, like many other things about the city, the culture here is subtle and discreet—it requires seeking out—but its impact is and always has been significant. ...

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Iconic lyricist Talib Kweli partners with to promote positive hip hop

One of hip hop’s most celebrated conscious emcees, Talib Kweli, is teaming up with new urban video social network to give away $12,000 in prizes to artists who uplift hip hop culture and their communities with positive content. The Speak Up Campaign and Video Contest is a platform for music artists and creators around the nation to Speak Up and be heard. ...

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Once again, Korea!

Since most of the world’s population was not around at the beginning of this conflict, it is important for people everywhere to know the history of this 60-year-old struggle between the Western powers led by the United States and the people of Asia. ...

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