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5e Gallery struggles to keep its home

5e Gallery in Detroit has been a mainstay in the city’s hip hop landscape since 2008. Since its opening on Michigan Avenue in Corktown, 5e has provided a welcoming creative atmosphere for the area’s large community of talented hip hop artists. In the summer of 2010, the gallery moved down the street to its current location, 2661 Michigan, Avenue, a larger building that could better accommodate the founders’ ...

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‘Highland Park’

Detroit has one of the most fascinating cultural scenes in the nation. As a city vibrant, lost and now in recovery, it’s a place both raw and refined, with gritty street art and edgy theatre, as well as remarkable museums and architecture. Yet, like many other things about the city, the culture here is subtle and discreet—it requires seeking out—but its impact is and always has been significant. ...

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Iconic lyricist Talib Kweli partners with to promote positive hip hop

One of hip hop’s most celebrated conscious emcees, Talib Kweli, is teaming up with new urban video social network to give away $12,000 in prizes to artists who uplift hip hop culture and their communities with positive content. The Speak Up Campaign and Video Contest is a platform for music artists and creators around the nation to Speak Up and be heard. ...

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Once again, Korea!

Since most of the world’s population was not around at the beginning of this conflict, it is important for people everywhere to know the history of this 60-year-old struggle between the Western powers led by the United States and the people of Asia. ...

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I told you so: White supremacy surges in Michigan state government

Republican Governor Rick Snyder, State Treasurer Andy Dillon and the Republican legislators are ratcheting up for a white supremacist* takeover of Detroit from its people and elected officials as has already been done with the Detroit Public Schools. They are aggravating the law, empowering an emergency manager to act as an un-elected dictator, seizing all powers of the mayor and city council, who are chose ...

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Regionalization, Michigan style

The worst fear of every Detroiter is lived out in the new transportation plan that cuts $7 million from the Detroit bus system and gives it to the suburbs — just when Detroit needs it the most. This is an example of what Detroiters — who for all practical purposes have been labeled as insane or incompetent for protesting for the sake of protesting by Detroit’s corporate media — have been talking about. ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

What about the terrorists? What about the union busting Detroit democracy destroyers? What about this naïve maybe stupid new leader of the Michigan Dems? What about the price of car insurance? Does the ex-Detroit City Council really believe that their ho-walk-around cash is for anything but to legitimate the illegitimate EM? Is anyone running for Detroit mayor worth a damn? Does sex education matter or is t ...

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SEMCOG cuts DDOT funds

A recent Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) decision will result in a $7 million net loss of bus funding for Detroit. The SEMCOG changes will give 51.5 percent of federal dollars for capital improvement to SMART and 48.5 to Detroit. SEMCOG Executive Director Paul Tait says this year the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) required a change in the funding formula that hadn’t been revised sin ...

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Pell Grant changes will slow Black graduation rates

In many ways, the route Bonita Rex took to college is not unusual. After graduating from high school in 2007, family issues forced her to delay enrolling in college. Two years later, thanks to Pell grants and an improved family situation, she enrolled in the Community College of Philadelphia with a focus on general studies in cultural science and technology. After Rex earns an Associate degree, while holdin ...

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