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Children break rocks to pay for school in Sierra Leone

Thousands of children in Sierra Leone are paying for their own education or helping their families make ends meet by working as rock-breakers for the country’s construction industry. Labor is nothing new in Sierra Leone, but the brutal job of breaking stones with a hammer for hours on end in the baking heat has raised particular concern. Even for adults the work is extremely tough, and injuries are common. ...

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Detroit hip hop artists speak out on EFM

The city’s hip hop community is protesting Detroit’s new status under emergency management in its own unique way. Will Copeland, a community activist and emcee who performs under the name Will See, has recently released a song with a heated message to mobilize citizens against the state’s takeover of Detroit through an emergency manager. The song “Emergency” is a powerful example of hip hop as a tool of res ...

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Toward a restorative justice Detroit

For the past four years, Forbes magazine has ranked Detroit as the most violent city in the nation. Some might argue this is because we are a city without much financial capital and/or because there are too many guns on the street. Although there is truth in both these statements, I believe, as my colleague Henry McClendon likes to say, “The problem is not that we have a violence problem in Detroit; it’s th ...

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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Walking up Woodward to the coffee shop on Mack, mind snacks competed with Detroit’s weather version of March Madness as the wind juked me with a snow assist. Yep, it was a Gortex-layer-over-polar-fleece day. As the coffee drip trickled into the cardboard pots (should have called ahead) I mind snacked on the prison-cell wisdom of knocking out pushups, dips and row machine weights at the Boll Y. A fella never ...

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Plowshares Theatre promotes faith, community with ‘Gem of the Ocean’

Plowshares Theatre Company says its newest production, “Gem of the Ocean,” continues its ongoing celebration of Black women. “‘Gem’ highlights the power of a woman’s faith,” says Scott Norman, managing director for Plowshares. “It is also a play about grooming our next generation to be responsible men and women, the responsibility of sacrifice in one’s life and the lasting legacy that slavery has on the Bla ...

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MGM challenges employees to ‘Inspire Our World’

For Las Vegas’ MGM Resorts International, a Vegas-sized production was the best way to unite 62, 000 employees under its corporate culture. “Inspiring Our World: A Musical Journey” uniquely expresses the company’s views on diversity, philanthropy and sustainability. The original production hit the stage in December 2012 for its Las Vegas properties; this past week’s Detroit performance was the first stop on ...

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