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Mahogany Café poets remember Maya Angelou, pass the mic to the next generation

It was a place for love, a place for poetry, a place where Detroiters came together and celebrated their collective creativity. From 1995-2000, this was Café Mahogany, a Midwestern Mecca in Detroit for bohemian culture that defined an era for many of the city’s most inspired lyrical minds. On Friday, July 11 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Café Mahogany will be paid tribute with ...

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New program aims to help Detroit men become ‘extraordinary’ fathers

DETROIT — For decades, media attention on African American fathers has focused on the negative. A 2013 book, “Dare to Be Extraordinary: A Collection of Positive Life Lessons from African American Fathers,” depicts what is usually not shown on TV – what African American fathers are doing right. Stories from Dennis Archer and Russell Simmons and others help to flesh out authors Leslie Gordon’s and William Mid ...

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Giant sucking sound

What is that giant sucking sound? It is not the sounds of jobs leaving our country due to the one-way trade agreements — there are not enough decent jobs left to be sucked away in their aftermath. The sucking sound I’m referring to is caused by the vacuum of leadership in Lansing that is sucking the life out of Michigan. That particular lack of leadership is contributing to the petty partisan politics and t ...

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Female genital mutilation: A horror of dominance

When a girl in the United States and the western world, prepares for marriage, she plans her trousseau and shops for her wedding gown. I recently learned from Angela Peabody, author of “When the Games Froze,” that in parts of Africa, the preparation for marriage is far removed from trousseau and wedding gowns. For too many, the practice of female genital mutilation (FMG) is at the top of the list for marria ...

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Can they cook?

Many people are familiar with the concept of biodiversity leading to a stronger food system, but this concept needs to be expanded to include diversity in the kitchen. Living in what some consider the most segregated major city in the U.S., Detroiters are also experiencing the ill-effects of a lack of integration of minorities and women into foodservice positions other than pastry chefs and line cooks. ...

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The fight for the South

With the Republican takeover of the Virginia State Senate, Republicans now control the state legislatures in all 11 former confederate states. Now the reconstruction of the New South launched by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Lyndon B. Johnson is under assault. King’s movement and Johnson’s presidential power transformed the South after the Supreme Court ruled segregation unconstitutional in Brown v. Board ...

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Welcome to the Boggs School

Stepping in, larger-than-life portraits of young faces greet me — red, orange, blue, green — smiling as if they have a secret that they are ready to share. Looking up, I see whimsical cloud kites adorning the ceiling. Welcome to the James and Grace Lee Boggs School! My first impression as a prospective parent was that this school is pretty cool. I had no idea the amount of awesomeness in store for our famil ...

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Fencing club challenges Detroit youth to a duel!

Fencing began in Medieval Spain when men would settle their grievances one-on-one in a bloody sword-fight to the death. In the mid-18th century, long after dueling had been banned by the Catholic Church and made illegal by most European nations, the techniques of fencing shifted from battle to sport. Fencing is one of only five activities that has been featured in every modern Olympic Games. This summer Det ...

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Terrorism in Africa won’t be defeated by failed Iraq war strategies

As conditions in Iraq deteriorate, a war-weary American public watches nervously as policy-makers debate prospects for renewed military intervention in that country. Heavy U.S. casualties that were the product of a seemingly pointless, endless conflict left many with no appetite for further military engagement in Iraq — or for that matter in any country. Nevertheless, while all eyes are on Iraq, the Pentago ...

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WATCH: Warren Evans says why he’s running for Wayne County Executive

A transparent administration is what voters can expect from an Evans administration, says the political veteran and former city and county top cop, who came under fire in 2010 when a 7-year-old was fatally shot during a raid by Detroit police officers under Evans’ leadership “What transparency means to me is if I’m going to publish a number that we’re dealing with then that number’s got to be the number,” s ...

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