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Detroiters need to take back what was taken

I agree that Detroiters and other disenfranchised people around the state and the world must fight to restore everything that has been taken from us: - Basic democratic rights for local governance of the city and school system. - The reversal of the so-called “Right to Work” legislation and the implementation of the right of workers to bargain and control labor policy. - Restoration to the people of everyth ...

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Generational incarceration

“One picture,” Fred R. Bernard once aptly remarked, “is worth a thousand words.” But, we need only a few words to describe an unsettling truth vividly depicted in the drawing shown below. On first glance this picture evokes visual images of cruelty, dehumanization, exploitation, racism, injustice, corruption, disenfranchisement, arbitrary punishment and a host of other instruments of oppression people use t ...

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Black Chamber of Commerce picks new chairperson

National Black Chamber of Commerce President Harry Alford announced March 4 that Black newspaper publisher and businesswoman Dorothy R. Leavell has been installed as the new chairperson of the nation’s leading minority business organization. She will preside over the group’s 18-member board of directors and help the trade organization expand its mission of strengthening minority-owned businesses, job creati ...

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Paramount Homeowners

Homeowners filled Wayne County Circuit Court Judge John H. Gillis’ courtroom March 4 for a hearing to get assistance in making settlements with the Police and Fire Pension Board to keep their homes. However, no representative for the Pension Board was in attendance and the hearing did not happen as expected. According to Gillis’ clerk, there was a mix up with the date. ...

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Mayor Dave Bing’s incompetence makes a case for his removal from office. He has betrayed city residents and acted against their best intersts. His decision to cede his responsibilities and accept Gov. Rick Snyder’s appointment of an emergency financial manager; his refusal to join Council in fighting the state takeover and his decision to work with the governor sparked several acts of civil disobedience thr ...

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Corruption is not dead

Kwame Kilpatrick and Bobby Ferguson were convicted this week. The region responded with an OJ-like verdict division. Some reacted with pure glee. Banners were flown reading, “Don’t drop the soap.” One news anchor, who the day before was piss-drunk and getting punched in the head at the St. Patrick’s Day parade, was asking the “important questions” — and this was just the media. By day’s end, the Feds and th ...

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Conflicts of interest in ‘restructuring’ choices

In a move that appears to only guarantee his own salary, Mayor Dave Bing jumped on the emergency financial manager (EFM) bandwagon within days of Gov. Rick Snyder’s March 1 proclamation that Detroit is in a financial crisis. His first decision, as he tries to move the city down the EFM path, was the announcement that Jones Day, the Cleveland-based mega law firm, will provide legal services for the city’s re ...

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