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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

What if we had to write-in the name of the person that we want to be the next mayor of Detroit? In this age of instant gratification — pleeez don’t make me think, click of a button and I’m there — to actually write anything is a daunting task and you want me to pencil fill in that little circle ... We don’t even write love letters.We Instagram, we e-mail, we tweet, we Facebook and we text endlessly but to p ...

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The politics of participation: Who gets the upper hand?

The electoral dynamics and demographics of Detroit are changing. “I can tell you, as a rough estimate, there are 8,300 college educated people (living in Detroit) under the age of 35 who are not registered to vote (in Detroit). I got that from a third party media marketing company. I can’t tell you who that is, but I trust it,” says Allison Kriger, co-founder of Vote Detroit. ...

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Emerging future

Now that the emergency manager has filed for bankruptcy, the national media has become fascinated with Detroit. The city corporate media describes has little to do with the one most of us know and love. The New York Times portrays us as crime-ridden, corrupt, unable to provide basic services and on the brink of selling the family jewels to pay the bills. ...

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