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Black consciousness roots in new party seeking to oust ANC

On the heels of a State of the Union address by ANC President Jacob Zuma that critics felt was devoid of new ideas and uninspiring, a longtime anti-apartheid activist has come from the wings determined to unseat the ANC establishment, presenting fresh ideas and a new party. Mamphela Ramphele, informal wife of the late Black consciousness leader Steve Biko, lost no time in criticizing the incumbents. “Our so ...

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Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in clash with Namibian values

The much-awaited swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated magazine has waded into a public relations nightmare with its display of white, bikini-clad models prancing alongside Africans carrying spears or Chinese paddling rafts in cone-shaped hats. A panorama of the “seven continents” was promised in this year’s issue, but what readers actually got was an odd juxtaposition of scantily clad women vamping it up ne ...

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Obama taps Democratic Party activist as envoy to South Africa

Patrick Gaspard, a campaign operative for President Obama, former union chief with the Service Employees International Union and campaign aide to New York City Mayor David Dinkins, is President Obama’s nominee for ambassador to South Africa, it was announced last week. Gaspard, with long Democratic Party credentials, including executive director of the Democratic National Committee, was born in the Democrat ...

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DJ LaJedi releases ‘World Hip Hop Women’ mixtape

The art of the hip hop mixtape is to bring together new artists and new sounds for listeners to experience. Detroit-based artist DJ LaJedi has released a new mixtape on the Internet that has gained worldwide attention. Bringing together women hip hop artists from around the globe, “World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Up” is helping change the perception of how women can participate in hip hop. ...

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Detroit overcome

Detroit’s structural deficit, which has set the stage for serious financial challenges, is driven by root causes, which will not be mitigated by the imposition of an emergency financial manager (EFM) — a post created by a law that Michigan citizens overwhelmingly repealed four months ago. EFMs not only subvert the Republic form of government — the right of citizens to be represented by officials whom they s ...

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State takeovers have failed the people

The state of Michigan’s takeovers of cities and school districts in whatever form have been very harmful to the public’s interests. Back when it was self-governing, the Detroit Public School District had about a $90 million surplus before it was taken over by Gov. Engler over a decade ago. When the state left them, DPS had a deficit of tens of millions. Now, after two emergency managers, the deficit from En ...

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New leadership for Detroit

New leadership is emerging in Detroit. State Rep. John Olumba, Rev. D. Alexander Bullock and Krystal Crittendon are a few who seem to be working outside current systems and may be well positioned to takeover — power is always taken. They represent the new faces challenging Detroit’s tired old guard. ...

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Lessons from Mark Essex and Christopher Dorner

Over a 43-year career in journalism, I have been blessed with some memorable experiences: I have covered presidential and vice presidential campaigns, I have flown on Air Force One, I have gone to parties at the White House, met Pope John Paul II, spent two weeks in Egypt, visited former slave dungeons in Dakar and Accra and have traveled around the world, including Rome, Paris, London, Kuala Lumpur, Bangko ...

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