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President Mugabe, savoring victory, plans takeover of foreign mines

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s wide lead in the just-ended presidential poll over his long-time rival, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, may have ended a years-long struggle between the two men for the nation’s top spot. President Mugabe trounced Tsvangirai, capturing 2 million votes — 61 percent of the July 31 vote total. With that, the victorious 89-year-old president extends his 33-year rule of the s ...

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State ends Black political leadership

With state oversight of the 36th District Court, elected officials in the city of Detroit have been stripped of their power and authority in all units and branches of government. The Detroit Public Schools have been under emergency management since 2009, with the appointment of three different managers. In March of this year, the city of Detroit was appointed an emergency manager whose powers supersede that ...

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