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School Board steps up with reaffirmed powers

The DPS board held a special planning meeting Feb. 21 at Spain Middle School after receiving court rulings that legitimized and clarified their roles—if only for a few weeks. Wayne County Circuit Court Judge John Gillis dismissed Attorney General Bill Schuette’s suit that claimed the board members elected by district were holding their seats unlawfully. Schuette argued that due to a decline in student enrol ...

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United against EM

If Gov. Rick Snyder had any sense, he would find a way to back off from the decision to appoint an emergency financial manager for the city of Detroit. This is a manufactured financial emergency, created to justify seizing control of the city’s assets, breaking the power of democratic constituents and blunting the newly revised Detroit City Charter. It is based on bogus figures. ...

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Emergency manager in the wings

Gov. Snyder has declared a state of financial emergency in the city of Detroit. He says no satisfactory plan exists to resolve it. At a town hall address, March 1, at the Detroit Public Television studio, the governor said very little action was taken on the Consent Agreement city officials entered into with the state last April to solve the city’s deficit. “Today is the day to call all hands on deck,” Snyd ...

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Comeback from last season

Last season, the Pershing boys basketball squad was top-ranked in the state (Class A). But after the PSL Championship, they left Calihan Hall with their spirits shattered after losing to King. This season, however, was a different scenario as the top-ranked (Class A) Doughboys manhandled a very good Cass Tech squad, 81-61, Feb. 22 at the Detroit PSL Basketball Championship at Calihan Hall on the campus of t ...

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DSA raising funds to play at Carnegie Hall

Detroit School of Arts students was recently invited to Carnegie Hall, but there is one problem: Lack of funding. Detroit School of Arts was recently awarded $2.5 million from The Knight Foundation. However, the University of Michigan delegates how the money is to be spent. U-M officials disperse the money over a five-year period. The students have only received $10,000 from the grant, which is divided betw ...

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A new mode of digital production

In his Feb. 12 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama referred, almost in passing, to the potential in 3D printing to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. The following week, on Feb. 21, the Home section of the New York Times featured a fascinating article, “A Factory on your Kitchen Counter.” ...

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Land, food security and social justice

In 1888, my great-grandfather Sandy Odom was forced to leave his farm in Marion, Ark., by an armed white mob. You may ask what this has to do with the current “good food” revolution. My answer? Plenty! One of the root causes of food insecurity throughout the world is dispossessing people of their lands and thus their ability to feed and otherwise provide for themselves. The story of my great-grandfather is ...

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Is there a relationship between housing policy and violence?

Most people agree that high-rise housing projects in Chicago like Cabrini Green needed to be demolished. But the neighborhoods where many of the former project residents ended up often weren’t much better than the projects themselves. Moving project residents into new neighborhoods created tensions with established residents and that sometimes led to violence. In fact, some say public housing policy is one ...

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