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Tell me a story: Exercising the power to choose

The last Environmental Justice principle, No. 17, states, “Environmental Justice requires that we, as individuals, make personal and consumer choices to consume as little of Mother Earth’s resources and to produce as little waste as possible; and make the conscious decision to challenge and re-prioritize our lifestyles to ensure the health of the natural world for present and future generations.” ...

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Detroit Food 2013: What’s on your plate?

The Detroit Food Policy Council is concerned about all aspects of food. We want to ensure people have access to enough healthy food for proper nutrition that sustains their minds, bodies and spirits. We are also concerned about the conditions of our grocery stores, restaurants and other places in our community where people buy food. ...

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Awesome Dre discusses the Hip Hop Gods Tour

Awesome Dre is one of Detroit hip hop’s original pioneers, an artist who was the first from the city to receive a major record deal and break into the national scene with the 1989 Priority Records release of the album “You Can’t Hold Me Back.” His recent tour with the legendary group Public Enemy has brought him back into the national spotlight, giving the famed rapper a re-energized focus on creating new m ...

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One-woman-show: Vegetarian fables

What’s for dinner? If Semaj Brown is cooking, expect vegetables. Broadside Press poet Semaj Brown performed her one-woman show, “Onion Revolt,” Feb. 17 at University of Detroit Mercy. The 45-minute play about vegetables is adapted from her new story cookbook and CD, “Feast and Fables from the Planted Kingdom.” “I’m a prodigy of Broadside Press, I am the next Broadside Press,” Brown told the Michigan Citizen ...

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Arthur Michael Carter III, 1940-2013

In loving memory, we celebrate the life of Arthur Michael Carter III, born in Detroit on April 27, 1940 as the first-born son of Arthur Carter, Jr. of Milledgeville, Ga., and Alberta (Wright) Carter of Memphis, Tenn. As part of the Great Migration of African Americans from the southern U.S. to northern states in search of opportunity, Art’s father moved to Detroit from Georgia to seek a factory job at Chrys ...

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The one-yard line

So you’ve worked hard to accomplish your goal. But for every one step you take, it feels like you’re pushed back two; for every three wins you have, you feel the hardest blow from the one loss. As soon as you feel like you’re over the hump, there stands a mountain. But know this: With every successful story, there was a hardship; for every Olympic winner, they experienced a loss; for every woman that says s ...

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Detroit’s Black History

To mark Black History Month, The Michigan Citizen reached into its photo archives to repost a variety of events that tell some of Detroit’s recent history. We encourage readers who can add to the narrative of any of the photos to please do so by submitting comments to ...

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Pershing champs celebrate at Club Waterfalls

After winning a city championship, two Pershing High School coaches and their colleagues hosted an after party celebration at Club Waterfalls. Formerly known as the River Rock, Club Waterfalls recently opened their doors to new club promoters Enjoy Life Entertainment. Kendall LeSure, Wydell Henry, James Broadnax and Tyrese Harris hosted the celebration. All are Pershing alumni. ...

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