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Eight hopefuls turn up election heat in first-ever American-style debate

Eight contenders for the Kenyan presidency took off the gloves and dazzled TV viewers with their knowledge on a wide range of issues — from tribalism, health and education — as the crucial national election on March 4 nears. In the first-ever American-style TV debate, all condemned the ethnic feuding that tore the nation apart in 2007, leaving some 1,200 dead more than 300,000 displaced. Land disputes conti ...

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‘No surprise’

On Feb. 19, the unofficial became official: Detroit is in a financial emergency. The state’s six-member financial review team, appointed in December, made the announcement at 4 p.m. Gov. Rick Snyder has 30 days to review the report and determine whether he will proceed with the group’s recommendation and appoint an emergency financial emergency (EFM). ...

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‘EAA is failing us’

A group of more than a dozen student leaders at Mumford High School met Feb. 7 to address what they call issues of social inequity in their school. They call themselves the Social Justice League (SJL) and have aligned with teachers, parents and community members to improve the quality of education they currently receive as part of the state’s Educational Achievement Authority (EAA) school district. ...

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Civil Rights leaders applaud Obama’s new initiatives

Two weeks ago, a group of civil rights leaders, led by National Urban League President Marc Morial, threw down the gauntlet, strongly urging President Barack Obama to address the jobs crisis and economics in America’s urban communities. Gauging applause following Obama’s Feb. 12 State of the Union address, he is at least beginning to meet the demand. ...

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‘A Man Can Change #10: A Family Affair’

Detroit Poet Joel “Fluent” Greene (above) is host of “A Man Can Change #10: A Family Affair.” The event is Feb. 22, 7 p.m. at The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Greene says the positive response over the years made him move to the larger venue. Other poets performing include Khari Kimono Turner, LaShaun Phoenix Moore, Tawana Honeycomb Petty, Chantay Legacy Leonard and M.L. Liebler. Fo ...

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Mayor Bing is not a strong leader

If Mayor Bing was to run for mayor in the upcoming election, would you vote for him? Why or why not? No. He hasn’t done anything that he said he was going to do. How has the city gone bankrupt? He is worst than Kwame and no one (is) alleging he took anything. He even took a lot of buses off the street. I would like my next mayor to bring growth to the city and carry out what he or she says in their campaign ...

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Dems seek new blood at party convention

The state democratic party is in flux and in need of new blood. This is the rumbling coming from local democrats. The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) Convention will be held Feb. 23 at Cobo Center in downtown Detroit. Many are looking to replace Party Chair Mark Brewer, while others are more focused on their local districts. ...

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