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We need our fathers

I believe one of the greatest problems facing the Black community is fatherlessness. If you at look at problems such as incarceration, drug addiction, gangs, teen pregnancy, dropping out, crime, suspension, retention and special education, the common cause is fatherlessness. Every child needs a father, and no one needs him more than Black boys. Only 28 percent of Black youth have their fathers in the home. ...

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Maintaining Black political momentum

Hooray! The Associated Press reported that African Americans voted at a higher rate than whites in 2012 for the first time in history. Was it because there was a Black man running for president or because threats of voter suppression? Was it a combination of the two? Or, did white America vote in fewer numbers because they felt, like many Blacks have felt for years, that neither candidate represented them a ...

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Does Big Brother have a racial bias?

When George Orwell wrote the novel “1984,” he envisioned a character, a real or imagined “Big Brother” who was a know-all, see-all, omnipotent and elusive presence that intruded into lives because he could. Those who knew about “him” were told that they did not exist, but in many ways, Big Brother may not have existed either. The omnipotence had taken on a life of its own. ...

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Orr talks Popeyes and public debt

If a resident or this newspaper wants to talk with Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, it appears we should try to intercept him at Popeyes chicken. It seems to be one of the few formats providing true access to the EM. At EM Orr’s legally mandated community meeting, Orr said he heard from some residents at the fast food chain about the concerns, hopes and realities of living in the city. ...

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No more lectures

When I was at Lafayette Park (across from the White House) recently checking the logistics/arrangements for Institute of the Black World’s June 17 Day of Direct Action to pressure President Barack Obama to end the “War on Drugs” and invest in inner-city Black communities, I confess to having been filled with pride thinking about the reality of a Black family occupying the White House. ...

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