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Quest to film reunion uncovers modern-day slavery in Africa

In their startling and eye-opening documentary, directors Violeta Ayala and Dan Fallshaw take viewers on a journey to a land of vast deserts and even bigger secrets. Their film, “Stolen,” which captures a land at the juncture of politics, nationality and race, premieres Feb. 5 at 7 pm ET as part of season five of the AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange. The series is hosted by actress Gabourey Sidibe on ...

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Plowshares presents political power of Black female music in ‘The Divas Project’

This February, Plowshares Theatre Company debuts a new musical revue that puts the music of African American female greats in a new light: as the catalyst and impetus for social change and the advancement of women. “The Divas Project” is the first show of Plowshares’ 2013 season themed “Celebrating the Black Woman.” It will feature the music of 10 select popular artists from the past 50 years, including Nin ...

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HP residents want answers on water bills

Angry citizens facing water bills in the thousands of dollars packed the Highland Park Council meeting, Jan. 22, only to discover the person responsible for their grief, Mayor DeAndre Windom, was still in Washington, D.C. for the Inaugural events. Residents received water bills days before Christmas for the first time in over a year — many have yet to receive a bill — and the amounts of the bills ranged fro ...

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Jesse Long-Bey joins the ancestors

Jesse Long-Bey, longtime Michigan Citizen editor, was admitted to the hospital in early December after a month-long illness. He had suffered a stroke in December 2009 and was in a coma for 30 days but recovered. Jesse was in Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak when he died Jan. 21, 2013 the day of the first Black President Barack Obama’s second inauguration and of the national Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday ...

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Like Malcolm: Remembering Jesse Long Bey

He had an unusual advantage as an editor — namely, the perspective of one of society’s throwaways, an ex-convict who’d done hard time. Of course, Malcolm X had the same experience. Like Malcolm X, Jesse was forever marked by his time in prison. In his posthumously published autobiography, Malcolm X observed through Alex Haley, his ghostwriter: “Any person who claims to have deep feeling for other human bein ...

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$30 million for Detroit

A Detroit transit plan will be funded, announced U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Jan. 18 in Detroit. He congratulated state lawmakers and city stakeholders for working to create a regional transit authority and committing $100 million in local dollars. Detroit will receive a $25 million TIGER grant that will go to the M-1 Rail Project, which will connect the three-mile stretch between downtown Det ...

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‘Maybe it’s time for a female mayor’

City lawyer Krystal Crittendon was demoted from her top position as Corporation Counsel because she challenged the Fiscal Stability Agreement aka Consent Agreement between the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan. Crittendon filed a lawsuit in June 2012, asking a state judge to determine whether the Consent Agreement was legal since the state owes the city. Per the city’s charter, the city cannot enter ...

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Questions for Detroit Works

In the last days of his first term, President Barack Obama held a press conference. He spoke about the violence that has become a normal part of children’s lives. He said protecting our children should be our highest priority, the way we will be judged as a people. “It is our responsibility to care for them,” he said. “To shield them from harm. To give them the tools they need to grow up and do everything t ...

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Hugh Parker Grannum, III

Hugh Parker Grannum, III had a way of making everyone he met and each person he photographed feel special. His kindness, expressed in words and deeds, felt like a warm embrace. A jazzy gentleman, who once wanted to be a jazz musician, he found a way to make music with photographs that sang, danced and touched the hearts and souls of people. ...

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