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Slum Village to release ‘Dirty Slums Volume 2’

No other hip hop group in Detroit history has a legacy like Slum Village. For decades, Slum Village has been an industry force that has influenced nearly all popular artists in hip hop today. Along with legions of fans, hip hop musicians such as Kanye West, The Roots, Common and Big Sean consider the group that started in Conant Gardens in 1993 as one of the most influential of all time. ...

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Celebrating diversity in Detroit: 16th annual Sphinx competition

The 16th Annual Sphinx Competition for young Black and Latino String Players, presented by the DTE Energy Foundation and hosted by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, will bring 19 of the country’s top young Black and Latino string players to Southeast Michigan. Over the past 16 years, Sphinx artists have made more than 250 solo appearances with orchestras around the country, engaged 100,000 young people in sch ...

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Brand Camp visits Detroit

Hajj Fleming, owner of Brand Camp University, in collaboration with Shawn Lee, an award-winning photographer, provided the city of Detroit a four-hour brand makeover. Fleming, a digital brand strategist, held a brand makeover session Jan. 19 at Ponyride in Corktown. 2013 marks the fourth year of Brand Camp for Fleming. The 41-year-old Roseville native brought together an intimate crowd of 15 Michiganders to ...

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Detroit gallery presents ‘Black Detroit 21’ exhibition

In partnership with the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design, the University of Michigan Detroit Center presents theWork: Detroit gallery exhibition, “Black Detroit 21.” Curated by Odie Rynell Cash, “Black Detroit 21” addresses social concerns within Detroit’s African American community by exploring the topics of identity, territory, protest, sexuality and transition. ...

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A culture of cheating

Who is surprised that Lance Armstrong was doping? Who thinks he was the only one? Who is surprised that he used the Oprah Winfrey show as his platform to “come clean?” We are a nation of cheaters and Armstrong is one in a long line of our nation’s cheaters. Indeed the very foundation of our country is the result of cheating. The Pilgrims cheated the Native Americans by befriending them out of their land. La ...

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King’s greatest legacy: Seeing polarization as progress

I’ve always disliked the way Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday is often celebrated. The reasons why became even clearer to me these past few days, as the importance of considering King’s life and work was juxtaposed against three other developments: the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation; the celebration of Barack Obama’s second inauguration as president of the United States; and the splene ...

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Hands off Malia and Sasha Obama

Just when you think leaders of the National Rifle Association can’t stoop any lower, they keep managing to plunge even deeper. This time, they have strayed way over the line of respectability by using Malia and Sasha Obama’s enrollment in Sidwell Friends, a private Quaker school, to malign President Obama over his proposal to place limits on the sale of assault rifles and expand background checks. ...

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Understanding and courage

In the upcoming year, Detroiters will pick a new mayor and elect council persons by district. Hopes are high that the cannibalizing of the city will stop if some strong persons are elected. That will only happen if voters demand a strong message and platform from candidates. ...

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M-1 Rail and segregation

I am a resident and I live near the intersection of McNichols Road (Six Mile) and Woodward Avenue. I spent two years anticipating the arrival of the Woodward Light Rail. I had begun to believe that it would really happen and my wife and I had even begun to think about how our lives might change if we could eliminate one of our two cars. We calculated that the money saved over four years would allow us to pu ...

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At Second Inauguration, Obama Focuses on Inequality: ‘We were made for this moment’

On the birthday holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President Barack Obama, America’s first Black president, was inaugurated for a second time boldly declaring on the steps of the U.S. Capitol that it’s time to take up the quest for equality where Dr. King and others left off. “We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths — that all of us are created equal — is the star that guides us s ...

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