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Reducing the cost of college

According to a recent report, 46 percent of America’s college students and 63 percent of African American students don’t graduate college within six years. As we consider the statistics, there’s nearly a trillion dollars in outstanding student loan debt, only 15 percent of entering college freshman graduate after four years, 40 percent drop out the first year and another 50 percent leave during their second ...

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Black revolutionary Assata Shakur is no terrorist

When the FBI announced that they were placing fugitive Assata Shakur (Joanne Chesimard) on the list of most wanted terrorists and that they were offering an additional $1 million for her capture, it caught most of the world by complete surprise. Assata has been living quietly in exile in Cuba where she was given political asylum for 30 years. The former member of the Black Liberation Army escaped captivity ...

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