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Redefining the American Family: A 21st Century Perspective

To redefine and reinvent our families, we will also have to redefine and reinvent our schools. In the past, it was assumed that families had responsibility for raising children, instilling in them common sense and values, while the role of the schools was to provide cognitive or academic skills. Conservatives still argue for this sharp division of roles. On the other hand, as more parents have been forced t ...

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The East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC) has named long-time community activist and author, Dr. Ife Kilimanjaro, co-director as part of a new, shared leadership model for the Detroit-based nonprofit. In celebration of women in leadership and shared leadership, EMEAC invites members of the community to a wine and cheese reception May 10 from 7 p.m.-9 p.m. ...

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