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Stand up for Detroit, fight Wall Street

Across the country, cities and states are operating under deficit. Public debt is spiraling out of control — millions and billions of dollars owed. Public officials are responding by cutting city services, closing schools or making cuts that negatively impact our schools. All over, police officers, firemen, and the men and women that make our country work are being laid off and long-term benefits are being ...

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Playing the hand you were dealt

I learned about economics and politics the hard way. In 1983, at 26 years old, I had the opportunity to travel to London and meet with a gentleman who had set up a deal to place a RC Cola factory in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He had done everything in his power to make this happen and had most of what he needed to close the deal. However, two key pieces were missing: the blessing of then President Siake Ste ...

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New auto no-fault bill slashes health care, fails to address affordability

Last week, the Detroit Democratic Caucus announced its united opposition to HB 4612, an insurance industry-backed measure forwarded by Gov. Rick Snyder, which eliminates the life-saving health care coverage currently provided under Michigan’s auto no-fault law, without addressing the unaffordable premiums motorists in the state’s urban areas are forced to pay. ...

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‘EAA cheats students’

“A different system for a different outcome” is the motto of the experimental state-run Education Achievement Authority (EAA) schools. Created by Gov. Rick Snyder using Detroit students, buildings and resources, including a $12 million loan, the EAA is now in its first year. Detroit parents, education professors and advocates have questioned the quality of the program since its beginning. Now, it seems, eve ...

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