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Federal grant may help state doctor shortage

A federal grant may be a piece of the solution to the state’s doctor shortage. Chris Allen, chief executive officer of the Detroit Wayne County Health Authority, said $21 million of a $231 million federal grant was allocated to fund 85 new primary care positions in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology and geriatrics. “Using the emergency room for primary care ...

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Only time will tell

If anyone doubted whether December 2012 would hail the end of the world as we know it, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, the Republican-controlled state legislature and the Democrats running the city of Detroit delivered the proof on the eve of 12-12-12. On that fateful evening, despite clear indications from the public only a month before, officials holding the public trust cashed in their 30 pieces of silver and ...

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Selective sensitivity

This is a sacred time shrouded in sadness. This is usually a season to celebrate family ties and wishes for peace. But this week the holiday season was disrupted by the senseless massacre of 27 people. Twenty of them were small children. ...

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Pershing rolls in two SRO contests; Denby drops Ford 61-48 in season opener.

The 2012-13 season is a new beginning for Pershing High boys’ basketball. Not only has the school been re-assigned to Class B due to a drop in enrollment, but a new coach, Wydell Henry, has taken the lead at the helm of the Doughboys. Former Pershing head coach A.W. Canada stepped down and retired from coaching at the end of last season. ...

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Policy makers fail the people

Lack of accountability, transparency and little respect for democracy has won the day in Michigan. Right-to-Work for Less was signed into Michigan law. The Detroit City Council approved the Miller Canfield contract and Detroit gave more than 140 acres to a developer without a plan. Right-to-Work for Less won’t just weaken unions in the state of Michigan. Michiganders will, over time, work for less and the v ...

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‘Django Unchained’

Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx (Ray) stars with Kerri Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti western/’70s Blaxploitation film “Django Unchained.” Foxx plays Django, an ex-slave turned bounty hunter hired to go after the man (DiCaprio) who purchased his wife (Washington). Samuel L. Jackson also stars. “Django” opens in theaters Dec. 25. ...

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The defeat of California’s Proposition 37: Why Detroiters should care

By Kami Pothukuchi, Ph. D. In the recent elections, Proposition 37, the campaign to label genetically modified food in California, was defeated. A coalition of pesticide and junk food manufacturers poured more than $45.6 million on ads that blanketed the state’s airwaves. The top three funders — Monsanto, Du Pont and Dow Chemical — alone spent almost double the $8.7 million that advocates of Prop 37 raised. ...

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Recycled waste heat may light up your life

By Celeste Bott Capital News Service LANSING — It may soon be possible to use wasted heat from your vehicle’s tailpipe to power electronics in your car, thanks to a new thermoelectric material developed by researchers in Michigan. That’s just one of many potential uses of the new material, which is based on tetrahedrites, natural minerals found in abundance. Thermoelectric materials are chemical compounds c ...

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