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Couple with four win award for housing discrimination

Matthew and Julie Hargraves accepted $10,000 to settle a discrimination case against the owner of a four-bedroom house in Okemos, Mich. The total settlement agreement of $10,500 also calls for $500 to be paid by the owners, Gregory and Effie Spiridakos, to receive fair housing training, according to a release by the Fair Housing Center of Southeastern Michigan. ...

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Open letter to the Detroit Community announcing Community Trust: Our communities are up to us

The Lower East Side Action Plan (LEAP) does not speak for us. We, the Community Trust, are a coalition of organizations that have done sustained, substantial work on the east side of Detroit for many decades. We have established youth programs, worked on anti-violence efforts, organized business initiatives, encouraged economic innovation, established gardens, reclaimed homes, planted trees, developed new m ...

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Hantz Land deal done

Nearly 500 citizens stood in the blistering cold outside East Lake Baptist Church Dec. 10 to attend a public hearing held by City Council to share their views on the largest speculative land sale in Detroit history. Most opposed the sale of more than 1,500 parcels of city-owned land to Hantz Woodlands. Citizens referred to the sale as a “land grab” and held signs that read “No to Hantz Woodlands land grab” ...

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‘Right To Work’ Passed

The Michigan House and Senate have passed bill that will make Michigan a “right to work” state. Unfortunately, most citizens are unaware of what “right to work” means or the implications of such a law. To begin, the term “right to work” (RTW) is a misnomer. RTW has nothing to do with the right of a person to seek and accept gainful employment. ...

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Miller Canfield approved

By a 5-4 vote Dec. 11, City Council approved a $300,000 contract with law firm Miller Canfield. Mayor Dave Bing says Miller Canfield is necessary in the effort to gain financial stability for the city. Some Council members had reservations. Members opposing the contract cite a possible conflict of interest as Miller Canfield was involved in drafting the state’s emergency manager law. ...

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Detroit: A raisin in the sun?

On Tuesday, Dec. 11, after he — along with Council members Saunteel Jenkins, James Tate, Gary Brown and Charles Pugh — voted to approve the ill-conceived Hantz land sale proposal, he was quoted in the Detroit Free Press as saying, “a ‘no’ vote would have sent the message to the world that Detroit isn’t really serious about urban agriculture.” ...

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A different vision, saying ‘no’ to Hantz

Something very new is happening in Detroit. Forces long dispersed are coming together, recognizing the possibilities of creating a future based on values of care, compassion, local production and sustainable ways of living. Thanks to the Hantz Farms/Woodlands proposal, the question of what kind of city we will become is being discussed in barbershops, community centers and around kitchen tables with a new s ...

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