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Testimony on HB 6004 before the House Education Committee

The most fundamental problem with House Bill 6004 is that it is grossly unconstitutional. It establishes a state K-12 school district under the direct control of the governor. Article VIII of the Michigan Constitution, which defines roles and responsibilities in education, does not even reference the Office of the Governor. Section 3 of that article states: “Leadership and general supervision over all publi ...

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Judicial Elections, Unhinged

This year’s round of state judicial elections broke previous records for the amounts spent on judicial campaigns around the country. The dominant role played by special-interest money — including money from super PACs financed by undisclosed donors — has severely weakened the principle of fair and impartial courts. ...

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Voters have spoken, but police have final say

Supporters of marijuana decriminalization proposals passed in five Michigan cities say the move is a symbolic step toward better regulation, but residents still might want to wait before lighting up, according to law enforcement officials. Ballot proposals expanding legal marijuana use beyond current state and federal laws earned voter approval by wide margins Nov. 6 in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamaz ...

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Number of state wineries increase, some head for China

Significant growth in the wine-grape industry and wide availability of cherries have created a boost in Michigan wine production and its appearance in other states and even other countries. “The industry is growing fast — nine wineries were added to our list last year,” said Karel Bush, promotion specialist at the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council. ...

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Citizens want ‘plundering stopped’

Nearly 400 Detroiters showed up at City Council Nov. 20 for the last formal session of the year, some arriving as early as 7 a.m. for the 10 a.m. council meeting. Public comment, beginning at 10:30, lasted late into the afternoon. Citizens “begged” and “pleaded” with Council to vote down three critical measures: The purchase agreement with Hantz Farms, where CEO John Hantz would acquire 1,900 parcels of cit ...

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GOP ignores voters, offers new EM law

The Republican offensive, the reenactment of Public Act 4 (PA4), the Emergency Manager Law has begun. Lawmakers are poised to act with drafts of legislation for revised emergency manager (EM) laws along with a municipal bankruptcy authorization. The bills are crafted in opposition to voters who support local control rather than rule by a state-imposed all-powerful emergency manager. ...

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Hantz Woodlands land purchase temporarily tabled

Hantz Farms is close to purchasing 1,956 vacant lots from the city of Detroit for $600,000. But many are concerned with how the company would handle the 170-acre parcel. The land would be used for forestry development by Hantz Woodlands, a division of Hantz Farm. John Hantz is the CEO of Hantz Group. Detroit City Council’s Planning and Economic Development Committee expressed myriad concerns at a Nov. 8 mee ...

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Citizens protest Hantz land sale

Detroit City Council sent Hantz Farms back to the drawing board after a Nov. 15 committee meeting to revise a proposal for the purchase of more than 1,500 parcels of city-owned land. Council members and concerned citizens expressed their concerns about the sale to Hantz Farms under a purchase agreement that would benefit the city financially, but would allow the commercial urban agriculture initiative to ac ...

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Hantz Questions

John Hantz is pressuring the City Council to sell to him nearly 2,000 vacant lots located on the east side. Last week, in spite of an informal agreement that this deal would be put on hold until the Detroit Agricultural Policy was in place, Rob Anderson, the director of the city’s Planning and Development Department, urged the council committee to approve the deal. The council’s Planning and Economic Develo ...

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