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An action agenda

After we savor the feeling of sweet success that comes from President Barack Obama’s re-election, there is work to do. Most of us got the outcome that we both worked and hoped for but we have to resist the temptation to exhale and get on with our work. Before the president takes the oath of office for a second time, African Americans should mobilize around these issues: ...

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President Obama, it’s time for an urban agenda

A new study shows that families who benefit from federally assisted housing programs live near low-performing schools. Many poor, Black families are far — in proximity and otherwise — from opportunity. Millions of families live in traditional public housing, Section 8 subsidized apartments or benefit from the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. And if they receive any of these benefits, they are likely to be loc ...

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Blue Cross sale means higher rates and taxpayers out billions

Consumer groups, led by Michigan Consumers for Healthcare (MCH), have been urging state officials to move slowly in providing the legal mechanism for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) to shed its charitable mission and be sold to a newly formed BCBSM mutual insurance company. Unfortunately, many lawmakers are instead pushing to fast-track this risky proposal despite it meaning higher insurance rate ...

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Obama backlash

As president of the United States, Barack Obama has ended a senseless war in Iraq, where more than 110,000 soldiers and civilians were killed, and countless injured. He killed the most wanted 9/11 terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, after he was on the run for more than 10 years. ...

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Osborn Neighborhood Alliance celebrates five years

Osborn Neighborhood Alliance celebrated its five-year anniversary and auction to sustain future issues of the Osborn neighborhood premier newsletter Osborn Voice. The event took place at the D:hive Loft on Woodward Nov. 9. The Osborn Voice highlights people, activities, businesses and resources in every issue. Published quarterly, The Osborn Voice reaches on average over 5,000 residents in the Osborn Commun ...

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Council will meet to discuss FSA

City Council will meet in closed session Nov. 15 at 2 p.m. to discuss whether the Financial Stability Agreement (FSA) entered into between the city and the state should remain in effect now that Public Act 4 (PA4) has been repealed. At its Nov. 13 formal session, Council members praised the repeal of PA4, but remain uncertain what it means for the city going forward. “The repeal of Public Act 4 will require ...

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Reconnecting the umbilical cord: Haiti to join the African Union

On the fourth floor of Howard Center, two graduate students and two professors in African Studies mulled Haiti’s application to become the first potential non-African member of the African Union in January 2013. “If you consider that islands like Martinique are quite far away from Europe but are still part of the European Union, Martinique by virtue of being a part of France, Haiti’s becoming an AU member d ...

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Military service in Africa? No thanks

Army Times news service has reported that more than 3,000 United States soldiers will be deployed to Africa next year. While defense officials claim these troops will be involved in “teaching military tactics, medicine and logistics, as well as combating famine, disease and terrorism in secure environments,” some critics suspect the actual objectives are to secure U.S. access to Africa’s vast oil reserves a ...

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DPS, EAA tighten security

Experts say intrusive security at public schools reproduces social inequality By Marcus Wright Special to the Michigan Citizen DETROIT — “I don’t like it but it is what it is,” one Detroit Public School student said after going through video-monitored metal detectors and being patted down upon entering his school. Many of the districts’ high school students — including DPS and the newly created Educational ...

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