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Western International looking to rebuild volleyball program, tradition

Coaching the sport of volleyball since 1993, head coach Brenda Henry was to bring the pride and dignity to the girls’ volleyball program at Western International High School. The Cowgirls (10-2) recently finished third place at this year’s PSL Championship held at Western. Although they ultimately lost, the Cowgirls made it to the semi-finals this year, defeating the Denby Lady Tars in three straight matche ...

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Questions worth pursuing

Last week, Rich Feldman and other Boggs Center board members led 25 visitors from many different countries and U.S. cities on a “Learning Journey” to give them a sense of how work, food Production, Education, Community, are being re-imagined and redefined from the ground up in devastated, deindustrialized Detroit. The journey was initiated and included best-selling author Meg Wheatley who recently released ...

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Leadership and collective impact

I was asked recently about the Detroit Food Policy Council’s progress on improving food access, food justice and food sovereignty for Detroiters and whether we are making an impact. I was also asked about our efforts to ensure Detroiters are leading and participating in this work. These are great questions and ones that we as a group are concerned about and discuss on a regular basis. ...

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PMAC welcomes Detroit to the ‘Colored Section’

Poor Man’s Art Collection (PMAC) hosted “Welcome to the Colored Section” event for local artists and authors Oct. 26. The event runs every weekend through Nov. 16. “I want people to feel enlightened when they view my art,” says Mychal Noir. Noir is an artist with PMAC and has been for over four years now. The culture of art in Detroit has encouraged artists to be more creative with their work and learn the ...

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Shop serves it sweet

Ronald Garrett and Tanisha Washington were riding east on McNichols when they saw the sign and decided to stop in. “I like how organized it is,” Washington said. “It’s unique,” Garrett said. Welcome to Lucki’s Cheesecake. If you like cheesecake, there’s nothing more to say. Owned by Rhonda Morris, Lucki’s, located at 7111 W. McNichols, sells over 35 flavors of cheesecake; cake; cobbler; and diabetic/sugar-f ...

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Professor Griff to speak in Detroit

Professor Griff has been an important part of the legendary hip hop group Public Enemy, making worldwide impact as the minister of education for the revolutionary hip hop pioneers beginning in the 1980s. As a lecturer, scholar and author, he now speaks to audiences across the country about a state of emergency within hip hop culture. ...

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Considering ballot proposals

There are six constitutional referenda that appear on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot that require serious consideration. While reading the various proposals, there are a number of questions that should be answered: Who is sponsoring the proposal? What is the history of the issue addressed by the proposal? Who is supporting the proposal? What is to be accomplished by passing the proposal? Overall, what w ...

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Proposal 2: Why it is so important

Growing up in Michigan was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, especially for a student of politics and government. The reason: Being born in the 1950s was one of the most critical and transformational periods in America. The Great Migration north, categorized by the first period (1910-30) and the second period (1940-70), saw millions of southern Blacks move north and west. Detroit saw some of ...

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Get out the vote, Detroit!

This cycle, our top of the ticket endorsement is to reelect president Obama for a myriad of different reasons, including his support of the Affordable Care Act, which we believe, along with Medicaid, should be expanded. We have reserved opinion in other races except for the Supreme Court, for which we support Judges Shelia Johnson and Connie Marie Kelley and University of Michigan Law professor Bridget Mary ...

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