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Considering ballot proposals

There are six constitutional referenda that appear on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot that require serious consideration. While reading the various proposals, there are a number of questions that should be answered: Who is sponsoring the proposal? What is the history of the issue addressed by the proposal? Who is supporting the proposal? What is to be accomplished by passing the proposal? Overall, what w ...

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Proposal 2: Why it is so important

Growing up in Michigan was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, especially for a student of politics and government. The reason: Being born in the 1950s was one of the most critical and transformational periods in America. The Great Migration north, categorized by the first period (1910-30) and the second period (1940-70), saw millions of southern Blacks move north and west. Detroit saw some of ...

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Get out the vote, Detroit!

This cycle, our top of the ticket endorsement is to reelect president Obama for a myriad of different reasons, including his support of the Affordable Care Act, which we believe, along with Medicaid, should be expanded. We have reserved opinion in other races except for the Supreme Court, for which we support Judges Shelia Johnson and Connie Marie Kelley and University of Michigan Law professor Bridget Mary ...

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Judge Shelia Johnson for Michigan Supreme Court

The current majority of four of the Michigan Supreme Court appears to have lost their “mask” of impartiality and have seemingly systematically succumbed to a political agenda that consistently resulted in rulings that have obliterated established rights of individuals in favor of corporations and insurance companies — in most cases without respect for established case precedent or the intent of the legislat ...

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Bridget Mary McCormack for Michigan Supreme Court

Bridget Mary McCormack is a candidate for the Michigan Supreme Court who deserves your vote. Nominated by the Michigan Democratic Party and endorsed by numerous Democratic clubs and local parties, she is running because she believes our judicial system should give everyone a fair shake. She aims to restore public confidence in the Michigan Supreme Court. ...

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A message from Michigan Supreme Court Candidate Judge Connie Marie Kelley

I am currently serving as a Wayne County Circuit Court Judge, having been elected in 2008. Before my election to the bench, I was a practicing attorney for 27 years. A large part of my practice included fighting for employees in wrongful termination cases, as well as cases involving discrimination in the workplace. I spent many years making sure employees were treated fairly in the workplace, in terms of wa ...

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Following protests, Clear Channel says it will remove ‘voter fraud’ billboards

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings has said it will remove ads from its billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin that carried a warning saying “Voter fraud is a felony.” The billboards drew the outrage of politicians and civil rights groups who said the message was part of a voter suppression effort designed to intimidate Black voters from going to the polls on Nov. 6. ...

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Sierra Club makes case for Detroit’s support of Proposal 3

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune visited Detroit to make the case for the organization’s endorsement of Proposal 3, the Michigan Clean Energy Initiative, at a special press conference held at the Sierra Club Detroit office on Oct. 29. Brune was joined by Sierra Club Environmental Justice organizer Rhonda Anderson and Michigan Interfaith Power and Lights’ Father Charles Morris in speaking at the ...

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Equatorial Guinea celebrates Independence Day in New York

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea Permanent Mission to the United Nations hosted Oct. 30 a reception for the celebration of the 44th Anniversary of Accession of National Independence. “For African Americans, Equatorial Guinea’s 44th Anniversary marks our return to the motherland,” said Victor Mooney, a Queens resident and AIDS activist. ...

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