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Detroit, get out the vote!

On Nov. 6, the economy, unemployment, “Big Bird, “binders full of women and “bayonets” will take a backseat to the only poll that maters in electing a president and vice president — ballots cast in the polling booth. Either way, history will once again be made on Election Day. Barack Obama will become the first Black president elected to a second term or Mitt Romney will become the first Mormon elected pres ...

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Bing recall still alive

The recall effort to remove Mayor Dave Bing from office is ongoing despite a 2-1 vote by Wayne County Election Commission’s Oct. 23 against the petition language. Commission members Judge Milton Mack and Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz opposed it. Clerk Cathy Garrett voted to approve the language. ...

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Detroit emerging

Something new is happening in Detroit. Largely unseen by the powerful elites who are locked in old ways of thinking, artists, visionaries, social philosophers, entrepreneurs and new thinkers and doers recognize these new possibilities. The signs of this new emergence are everywhere for those who are willing to look beyond the headlines that blind us. This past weekend was a vivid example of the new ways of ...

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Franklin Graham speaks: American evangelicals must vote to restore American inequality!

In the Hebrew Scriptures Proverbs 22:3 says, “the prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.” In an attempt to bind evangelicals to the Romney campaign, Franklin Graham has recently warned against the re-election of President Barack Obama because he claims that the president’s re-election would open the door for an America without God. On September 25, 2012, in a USA Toda ...

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Prep Football Roundup — Week 9

Martin Luther King High won its first PSL Title since 2009 at this year’s Detroit Public School Championship at Ford Field Oct. 19. The newly crowned champion Crusaders and the defending champions, the East English Village Academy Bulldogs — formerly Finney High — put on a game that kept the sparse but energetic crowd on the edge of their seats. ...

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