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Romney continues campaign of lies

As we have seen during three presidential debates and in his campaign speeches, Mitt Romney will say anything — even when he knows it is untrue — in his effort to dislodge President Obama from the White House. Romney charged in the second presidential debate that "it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an ‘act of terror.’" Obama denied it, urging Romney to "get the transcript. ...

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Parents have rights

Detroit parents’ continued outrage over the emergency management of Detroit Public Schools (DPS) is justified. After 10 years of state control of DPS, the education picture is bleak: overcrowded classrooms, unilateral decisions from the top down, relentless privatization, dropping scores, fleeing students, chaotic school openings and a demoralized staff. No one has access to finances to know what is being s ...

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Prop S continues progress for DPS

On Nov. 6, Detroit voters will have the opportunity to vote on renewing and restoring the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) Operating Millage (Proposal S). Renewal of DPS Operating Millage on Nov. 6 means teaching and learning will go on uninterrupted and progress will continue. This millage provides for continued operating funds — approximately $80.9 million or 21 percent of DPS’ annual operating budget — to al ...

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There’s still work to do: vote ‘Yes’ on Proposal 2

As I talk to people in my hometown of Detroit, I’m confronted with a question more often than I would like. I hear it asked by young people frequently, but increasingly I’m hearing it from veterans of the workforce, too. The issue at stake is collective bargaining, and the question is, "Why do unions still matter?" There’s another question implicit there. Even if unions and collective bargaining do matter, ...

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Bing visits council, wants to unite

A day after being visited by Mayor Dave Bing, Detroit City Council found itself flummoxed by his administration’s executive organization plan at its formal session Oct. 23. Detroit Animal Control, which was previously under the umbrella of the Department of Health and Wellness Promotion (DHWP), has been under the purview of the police department since Oct. 1. However, the transfer did not include a budget, ...

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Mayoral race heats up

While most Detroiters have not cast a ballot for the next president of the United States yet, another race is gaining momentum — the Detroit mayor’s race. Early polling has fueled headlines, speculation and supporters for a 2013 showdown. Big city politics is fundamental to the region and 2013 will not be an exception. Early polls indicate Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon would be a strong contender in D ...

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Citizens want Bing recalled

State Rep. John Olumba has asked the Michigan attorney general to investigate the transfer of the Detroit health department to a private nonprofit corporation. He has also asked the voters of Detroit to recall Mayor Dave Bing. Do you support the recall of Mayor Bing? ...

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