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Unemployment reaches lowest point under Obama

After receiving poor marks for his performance in his nationally televised debate with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, President Obama received a much-needed boost from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report showing that unemployment fell to 7.8 percent in September, the lowest it has been in nearly four years. ...

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Cass Tech, East Village win PSL divisional titles

The playoff games for this weekend’s Detroit Public School playoffs have been set. Cass Tech (5-0, 6-1) won the PSL West Crown while East English Prep Academy (5-0, 6-1) won the PSL East. Both the Technicians and the Bulldogs will be the number one seeds heading into this Friday’s matchups. Cass Tech had no problems with Mumford as the Technicians clobbered the Mustangs 49-0 in a game played at Renaissance ...

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Philosophic activism, visionary organizing

Last week’s conference honoring the 40-year career of University of Michigan professor Bunyan Bryant was both inspiring and instructive. In one session after another, former students of many different ages and ethnicities described how Bunyan’s environmental justice leadership empowered them to struggle for a better environment for all our children. ...

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Ignore debate zingers, focus on issues

As the first 2012 presidential debate approached, political junkies were gearing up for a shoot-out. With history as a guide, much attention was paid to the political horse race. Much debate commentary was about technique: Would President Barack Obama be crisp? Would Mitt Romney use the zingers he has reportedly practiced? Would he get under the president’s skin? ...

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