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April is MLK’s month

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, in the middle of January, has been a national holiday since the mid-1990s. Although Dr. King was born in January, April will always be MLK’s month for me because it is not only “the cruelest month,” as T.S. Eliot put it in his 1922 poem “The Wasteland,” it is also one of the most challenging. April is the month of the Crucifixion. But it is also the month of the Resur ...

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The power of food

Why do people of color have limited access to food to feed their families? With the recent resurgence of urban agriculture, Detroiters have the opportunity to grow food in their backyards, the lots next to them or even participate in community gardens. There is fresh produce available at Eastern Market, Northwest Farmer’s Market, Seed Wayne, just to name a few. But how much produce is really getting to the ...

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With two strikes against it, Detroit Future City must connect with concerns of citizens

It may have been opening day for the Detroit Tigers, but for Detroit’s latest urban renewal plan, which changes the way Justin Verlander switches pitches, it’s simply time to step up to the plate and connect with the citizens of city. With two strikes already on the scorecard, the Sierra Club’s Environmental Justice and Community Partnerships Program took to the mound on April 4 and served up their first-ev ...

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Go to college but be sure to graduate

Bethanie Fisher’s story highlights a growing problem in Black America — improving graduation rates for Black students. College graduation, even with growing mounds of student loan debt, is still one of the better predictors for one’s economic success. Yet, college graduation remains elusive for many Black students. College can actually be detrimental if students accumulate debt but do not graduate. ...

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Detroit’s Sankofa: Looking back to move forward

In Ghana, there is a mythological bird that looks backward to reflect on the past, while it moves forward. Simultaneously, it carries an egg in its mouth to symbolize the future. As the movement for Democracy and economic justice grows in Detroit, we need to give some thought to the character of organization and goals of past struggles so we don’t make the same mistakes in 2013. There were many factors that ...

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‘City plan ignores pollution’

“It’s been a long, long time coming but I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will.” Sam Cooke sang it, and the Detroit Works Project (DWP) quoted it to frame their blueprint for Detroit’s future, “Detroit Future City (DFC),” released in January. However, the Sierra Club says the blueprint is flawed and “fundamentally contradicts the principles of environmental justice.” ...

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