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Detroit Food Policy Council year in review

Imagine a Detroit where everyone has access to fresh produce and food that is not saturated with added salt, sugar and fat. Imagine a Detroit where everyone understands what healthy food is and where it comes from; people grow food on the abundant available land in the city; and people know their local farmers and grocers. ...

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2012 Review: Emergent systems abound in Detroit

I write this 2012 review just days before the winter solstice, a day important to me personally because it is also the day that I was born, here in Detroit, in 1969. Maybe it is the nature of the season to be more reflective, but for this column I’m inclined to write more directly from my lived experience. The winter solstice, Dec. 21, has also been blasted into popular culture due to the date being the end ...

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Cold Men Young wants you to be a fan with new album

Cold Men Young have proven themselves to be rising stars among the newest breed of hip hop artists from Detroit. The collective of four emcees is quickly becoming known for intense live shows and matching urgent revolutionary lyrics next to pulsating party jams. Their new album, “YSBAF (You Should Be A Fan),” was released this month to high critical acclaim. ...

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A battle in Michigan for the American dream

On Dec. 11, thousands were set to demonstrate at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing to protest a frontal assault on working people. Republican majorities in the state House and Senate had vowed to jam through right-to-work legislation. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who originally said this wasn’t part of his agenda, has flip-flopped and said he would sign the legislation. To protect the legislation from a ...

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Leadership or Pleadership?

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” This famous quote from Frederick Douglass brings to mind the predicament of Black folks in this country relative to those upon whom we depend to put forth our demands for political reciprocity. Are they really leading (demanding), or are they simply pleading? ...

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Gun violence in America

A movie theater in Aurora, Colo. A Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. A shopping mall in Oregon. A political event in Tucson, Ariz. The weekend streets of big cities like Chicago. And now a first grade class in Newtown, Conn. When will the madness stop? When will we take “meaningful action” to end gun violence in America? These are just the latest high-profile mass shootings that have taken the lives of too many inn ...

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