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Reach beyond U.S. borders to offset home-grown racial hostility

When President Obama proclaimed: “There’s not a Black America or a white America … there is the United States of America,” many people believed him. They should reconsider. If the recent contentious election with all of its racial overtones was not enough, a recent study on racial attitudes in America shows that the president’s soaring rhetoric is at best wishful thinking. ...

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Michigan has a growing gap between haves and have-nots

Michigan has a widening income gap, according to a national study by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute. The institute, a nonprofit research organization based in Washington, D.C., compared the incomes of the richest households to low- and middle-income households, showing inequality at the state level. ...

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Resolve to ‘stop school violence’

Resolution sums up what Dr. Joyce (also known as Sister Joyce) is about. She began in 2004 with “Stopping the Violence” and “Taking it to the Streets.” Sister Joyce sent a message out to the principals and teachers that conflict resolution was the way to end petty arguments leading to violent reactions. During Anti-Bullying month she spoke at the Jerry L. White Center for special needs students. Sister Joyc ...

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Homeowners seek justice from Detroit Pension Board

Police officers and fire fighters got attention in August for distributing flyers at Tigers’ games, warning fans to “enter Detroit at your own peril.” Their anger at cuts necessitated by a shrinking tax base might well be directed at their own Police and Fire Pension Fund. The fund is out to further decimate neighborhoods by ousting a group of homeowners who never directly borrowed from them. ...

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PA4 repeal certified

Michigan Board of Canvassers certified Proposal 1 Nov. 26, making the repeal of Public Act 4 official. The law, which gave unchecked powers to emergency managers over fiscally-challenged cities and school districts had been suspended since Aug. 8 when the Board of Canvassers, following an Appeals Court order, approved petitions to place the law on the November ballot. ...

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