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Barack Obama, new (WHITE) leadership and the racial POLI-tricks OF a poll

Detroit, Mich. has always been a key political and cultural center in America. It has been the Fertile Crescent for the automotive industry, the Motown sound and Black self–empowerment movements. Detroit put the world on wheels and provided the sound track for the ride. Elijah Muhammad started his movement in Detroit. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his most remembered speech and led his largest march her ...

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Amid same-sex marriage debate, Jackson, Sharpton implore Blacks to keep ‘eyes on the prize’

With the Black jobless rate astronomically high, schools crumbling in Black neighborhoods, low test scores and dropout rates plaguing Black children and home foreclosures, incarceration, death and disease soaring in Black communities, why is it that some Black people are saying they will not go to the voting polls because President Barack Obama agrees with same-sex marriage? ...

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The Black Press endorses President Obama

By Cloves C. Campbell, Jr. A few years ago, NNPA was holding its annual board meetings in March in Washington, D.C., when then Sen. Barack Obama walked in the room to welcome the publishers to Washington. He indicated he wanted to share some news with us. The news was that he was planning on seeking the office of the president of the United States of America. There were some young and many older publishers ...

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The silence is deafening

By Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. Trice Edney News Wire Last week, The New York Times reported a horrifying measure of America’s shame. Life expectancy for white women without a high school degree had decreased by five years since 1990, according to a study in Health Affairs. Five years. The least-educated white men lost three years in life expectancy. And the life expectancy for American women is now dead last ...

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Conservative whiners and their inferiority complex

By A. Peter Bailey Trice Edney News Wire One of the favorite sports of conservative propagandists on television, radio and in the op-ed pages of newspapers is to hurl accusations of “whining” at anyone who insists that race is a major force in the economic, political and cultural life of this country. They are often joined in this sport by their Black brothers and sisters from another mother. At least once ...

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Polls don’t decide elections

By Julianne Malveaux NNPA In late September, the “nonpartisan” Web site Real Clear Politics reported that President Obama led Republican nominee Mitt Romney in several battleground states. According to the polls, President Obama led by 5.2 percent in Ohio, 4.5 percent in Virginia, 4.2 percent in Nevada, 4 percent in Iowa and 3 percent in Florida. Do we believe the polls? I’m not so sure. But I surely don’t ...

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Deconstructing contradictions and constructing the truth

By Elena Herrada I recently attended an event that featured a brief film about the progress Detroit is making on its “comeback.” The narrative was clearly the voice of philanthropic interests and corporations (and their finger puppets, nonprofits). Among the developments presented, one I find troublesome and perplexing is the initiative to bring “legal” educated immigrants to boost the economy and be “creat ...

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Detroit’s food landscape: Building change for generations to come

By Myra D. Lee How is the current food system in Detroit defined? Is it progressive, evolving or innovative? Does the Detroit food landscape show humility to both laborer and consumer? Where do shoppers spend their dollar for groceries and why? Do they use their power of influence as a consumer? If so, when? Do they know their local farmer? Does Detroit’s food system exemplify resident ownership and support ...

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Who runs this Mother … Earth, that is?

This is the second in a series of columns on the 14th Environmental Justice principle: Environmental Justice opposes the destructive operations of multi-national corporations. A multi-national corporation is a corporation enterprise that manages production or delivers services in more than one country. A few of the many U.S. multi-national corporations are Coca-Cola, Exxon, Dell, Nike, Wal-Mart, Yahoo and X ...

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The how and why of Bunyan Bryant

By Grace Lee Boggs Special to the Michigan Citizen As I write this, it is Tuesday, Oct. 2 and I am looking forward to next weekend’s Retirement/Celebration party for University of Michigan professor Bunyan Bryant at the Ann Arbor Sheraton and thinking about the how and why of this gifted visionary organizer. I received from him recently a letter that offers clues to these questions. Like Einstein, Bunyan re ...

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